Valor Fireplace Troubleshooting Guide [7+ Solutions]

This comprehensive Valor fireplace troubleshooting guide has the solutions to the following major problems:

  • The fireplace won’t start or won’t stay lit
  • Non-functioning remote 
  • The fireplace makes sound and produces a smell 
  • The pilot flame lit, but no main gas flow 
valor fireplace troubleshooting guide

Fortunately, following our guide, you can fix all the above issues with your fireplace. So, read this article and try our suggested fixes to get your Valor fireplace to work again. 

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Valor Fireplace Troubleshooting Guide [7 Easy Solutions]

From this troubleshooting guide, you are going to explore the causes and resolving ways of the major hitch in your Valor fireplace:

1. Fireplace Won’t Turn On

Your Valor fireplace won’t come on due to the following reasons:

  • Low batteries in the remote handset
  • Insufficient fuel supply 
  • Tripping circuit breaker 
  • Blown fuse 
fireplace won't turn on 

Along with the above causes, the lousy gas valve and defective thermocouple or thermopile can hinder your fireplace from starting. 


If you want your Valor fireplace to start again, you must solve all the above troubles. Fortunately, solving the above hitches is easy. Firstly make sure you are properly operating the remote.

Secondly, check the batteries within the remote handset and replace the damaged batteries. Thirdly inspect the gas valve and make sure the valve is working and your fireplace is getting sufficient fuel. In case the fuel runs out, then refill the empty tank. 

Finally, look for the tripping breaker, blown fuses, and lousy thermocouple within your fireplace. In case you find any bad one, we recommend you replace it immediately. 

Note: If, after following all these points, your fireplace still won’t turn on, you should contact valor fireplace customer care to get a qualified technician’s service. 

How To Turn On A Valor Fireplace

You can start your Valor fireplace in the following two ways: 

  • Use Remote Control: Take the remote and simultaneously hold down its large flame and OFF button. After holding for a few seconds, you will hear a beep. The beeps indicate the activation sequence starts. And thus release the button. After the pilot light ignition, the flame will become full. 
  • Valor Wall Switch: Press the on/off button of your Valor wall switch. Then the pilot light will ignite. And soon, the flame will turn into a high fire. 

2. Fireplace Keeps Shutting Off

Your Valor gas fireplace is turned on, and after running for a few minutes, it keeps turning off. Isn’t it irritating? Also, along with turning off your fireplace, both the pilot light and main burner shut off. The root reasons why your Valor fireplace won’t stay lit.

fireplace keeps shutting off 

The potential culprits to be blamed are a faulty or dirty pilot light, a bad thermocouple, a lousy oxy pilot, etc. Some more reasons are incorrect gas pressure due to low gas supply, gas valve malfunction, etc. 


To fix the above trouble, start by checking the fuel line first. Ensure your fireplace is getting adequate fuel. Several pieces make up the fireplace ignition assembly.

Thus when the flame in your fireplace goes out frequently, it means any of the pieces in the ignition system become non-functioning. Inspect the pilot light, thermocouple, oxy pilot, and gas valve.

If you find any of these components malfunctioning, you must replace them. And make sure your fireplace is getting sufficient oxygen supply and the correct gas pressure 

3. Remote Doesn’t Work

Suddenly your Valor fireplace remote is not working, and that’s why the unit isn’t functioning.

remote doesn't work

If so, the batteries within your remote or receiver may be dead. Either way, you are using low-quality batteries that run out quickly. 


The battery usage icon on your fireplace remote control screen will tell you whether the batteries are dead or low. So we recommend you verify the icon. Then if you find the batteries are low or dead, replace them instantly.

Another suggestion is to switch to the Energizer or Duracell batteries. With these batteries, your remote control system will work well. 

Tips: Keep your remote’s batteries fresh. At least once a year, switch out the batteries on the remote’s receiver with 4 new AA Energizer or Duracell alkaline batteries.

How To Change Your Valor Fireplace Receiver Batteries

First, turn off your fireplace and pilot and allow the unit to cool. The rapid fire beeps sound for three seconds means you must replace the receiver batteries. 

Now follow the steps below to change the batteries: 

  • Under the firebox, the battery holder is located near the controls; find it
  • With the 4AA alkaline batteries, replace the dead or damaged batteries 
  • Now return the holder to its original position 
  • If any parts remain removed, reinstall them

4. Fireplace Making Noise

Your Valor fireplace can make different types of sounds while it starts running. The first one is your fireplace beeps but won’t light. 

fireplace making noise 

The second one is that your fireplace is beeping while running. And the third type of sound is normal that your fireplace can make while operating, like popping, whirring, etc. 

However, point by point below, we will explain those factors and their solutions for which your fireplace makes various noises. So, let’s go through it:

i. Fireplace Beeps But Won’t Light

Using a remote, you have tried to turn on your Valor fireplace. And the unit repeatedly beeps, followed by a very long beep, but your fireplace is not lit. Sometimes, your fireplace won’t light or do nothing after beeping for several seconds. 

fireplace beeps but won't light 

This hitch declines the lighting function performance of your fireplace over time. The potential culprits to be blamed are the faulty receiver, weak thermopile, or dead batteries in the receiver. 

We recommend inspecting the receiver battery when your fireplace goes through this trouble. Verify the battery to ensure whether it is dead or not. At the lower fret of your fireplace, you will find the receiver.

The dead batteries won’t respond to your fireplace remote signal.  Thus immediately replace the batteries. Also, replace the bad one, and check for damage in the receiver and weak thermopile. 

However, for your better understanding, you can also read our ultimate solution guide on why your Valor fireplace is beeping but not lighting.  

ii. Fireplace Beeps While Running

While running, suddenly, your fireplace can beep. The unit does so because the batteries get critically low or dead in the remote and receiver box. 

Also, due to the low gas pressure of the burner and pilot light and intermittent pilot ignition system, your fireplace can beep while it operates. 

However, to solve the above problem, we recommend you check the batteries first. Then replace the dead batteries from your fireplace remote and receiver. Also, ensure the burner and pilot light are getting adequate gas pressure.

Finally, inspect and fix the issue in your fireplace pilot ignition system if the unit makes a beeping sound again. 

iii. Fireplace Makes Buzzing, Popping, Or Whirring Sound While Running

Apart from beeping, you can hear the snapping, buzzing, or whirring noise during the normal operation of your fireplace. However, don’t get tense if you hear such sounds because all these are normal. 

Due to barometric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity variations, your fireplace can produce a sudden buzzing sound. This will disappear in a few minutes. And thus, you don’t need to take any action. 

However, your fireplace usually heats and cools while running. And thus, the metal parts of your fireplace contract and expand, making a popping or snapping noise. Again, this is perfectly normal. And thus, no solution is required for it. 

Furthermore, during the flame adjustment of your fireplace, the control valve turns. And thus, it makes a whirring noise to adjust the setting.

This is also normal. Therefore no action is required to fix it. Just after running for a few minutes, the sound of your fireplace will disappear. 

5. Fireplace Producing Smell

When you start your fireplace for the first time, the unit releases some vapor due to the curing compounds burning. Ultimately from the vapor, the unit makes a smell. 

As a result, you may experience a slight odor. And also, the flame can reach the total height of the firebox or even slightly higher. 


When you see in the first few hours of running, your fireplace produces a smell, it’s normal. Also, producing a slightly higher flame than the firebox height is normal. 

During the manufacturing, the curing compounds are used in the fireplace, and burning them produces a smell. So, there is nothing to worry about at all. 

6. Fireplace Motor Doesn’t Turn

When your gas fireplace motor stops turning, it results in no transmission. However, the motor in your fireplace doesn’t turn mainly for the following reasons: 

  • Fireplace’s low or dead batteries 
  • Malfunctioning transmitter 
  • Valve’s damaged wiring 

Along with the above issues, the surrounding antenna or metal reduces the transmission range and causes the problem. 


The easy way to fix the above hitches is to inspect and replace the batteries, defective transmitters, and damaged wiring. Also, we suggest you change the antenna position and ensure a substantial transmission range. 

7. Pilot Flame Lights But No Main Gas Flow

For the following factors, the gas flow in your fireplace can stop but still, the pilot flame lights. 

  • Turned on the manual override knob to the MAN position 
  • Inadequate or low inlet pressure 
  • Turned down valve to pilot flow 
  • Malfunctioning valve 


First, turn on the manual override knob to settle the above issue. Secondly, turn the flame to high fire by pressing the up button of your remote.

Thirdly check and correct the inlet pressure. And finally, replace the failed valve. 


How do I reset my Valor remote?

In the handset, insert 1.5 V AAA two alkaline batteries. Now on the receiver’s front side, locate the reset button. Then, press the reset button using a sharp object and hold it until you don’t hear the long beeps. 

What maintenance does a gas fireplace need?

At least once a year, you should inspect your Valor gas fireplace. Thoroughly clean your fireplace, and ensure the venting is working well. Also, find out the potential safety problems. 

How do you clean a thermocouple on a gas fireplace?

Shut off your fireplace’s gas valve and remove the unit’s front panel. Next, blow the thermocouple’s dust away by using compressed air. Then, use a clean cloth to wipe out the remaining dirt. 

Should the pilot light always be On in a gas fireplace?

Seasonally you should turn off the pilot light on your Valor gas fireplace. 

Warp Up

Hopefully, the above Valor fireplace troubleshooting guide has been helpful to you. Now, whenever you face any major fireplace issues, you can fix them by following our suggested ways.

Also, when you face any other troubles using your Valor fireplace except the above, let us know through comments. Soon we will reply to you. 

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