Why My Valor Fireplace Beeps But Won’t Light [Reasons + Solutions]

Valor fireplace naturally circulates warm air throughout your room using the secondary heat exchanger and radiating heat.

But when your Valor fireplace beeps but won’t light, this unit won’t function. Thus your fireplace will produce no heat or warm air, which is a problem you can encounter while using it. 

valor fireplace beeps but won't light

However, the major reasons causing your fireplace to beep but not light are the receiver and remote’s dead battery & defective receiver. Also, the other causes are non-programming receiver & remote and the weak thermopile. 

Now with this article, we will explain how you can fix your fireplace’s beeping with no lighting hitch. So look no further and sharply read this comprehensive guide. 

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Valor Fireplace Beeps But Won’t Light [5 Easy Solutions]

This troubleshooting guide has the major cause responsible for all these troubles mentioned above and tips to solve them. So, let’s start: 

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1. Receiver’s Dead Battery

Due to your fireplace receiver battery issue, you will see your Gas fireplace is beeping, but the unit is not igniting. The receiver battery can become low, go out, be damaged, or die. But whatever the cause is, all these make the battery non-functioning. 

valor fireplace receiver's dead battery 

Alternatively, the receiver’s weak battery fails to respond to your fireplace’s handheld remote’s radio signal. And thus the gas valve remains closed. As a result, your fireplace is beeping but not igniting. 


Your fireplace receiver can’t function without a battery. And the problem is the battery’s life is short. Thus we recommend you check and replace the battery at least every six months. Frequently changing the battery will be better, and your fireplace receiver will work well. 

Whenever you come across your fireplace beeping but won’t light hitch, you must immediately check the receiver’s battery. And then, ASAP replace the dead battery and charge the low battery. 

How To Change The Receiver Battery

Did you check the battery and find it dead? Well, now you must replace your fireplace’s receiver battery. Replacing the battery is simple. First, shut off your Valor fireplace and its pilot. Then wait some time and ensure the unit is cool entirely. 

After turning off your fireplace, you must replace the battery if you hear rapid-fire beeps sound for 3 seconds. However, the easy replacing steps are: 

  • Under the firebox and near the control, the battery holder is situated first, find it. 
  • Then with 4AA alkaline new batteries replace the dead one 
  • Keep the holder in its previous position and reinstall the remaining parts 

2. Receiver Malfunction

So, you are done with replacing the receiver’s battery, but still, your fireplace is beeping and not igniting. Well, now the most obvious potential reason for this problem is your fireplace’s malfunctioning receiver. 

valor fireplace receiver malfunction 

Your Valor fireplace receiver receives the handheld remote’s radio signal and transfers the signal to the gas valve. The gas valve becomes open and starts working once it gets the signal. And then the fireplace light. 

But, the lousy receiver fails to receive the signal, and the gas valve remains closed. As a result, gas doesn’t flow toward the pilot, and your fireplace won’t light.

However, the receiver can become non-functioning because of dirt or debris build-up in it, or it is physically damaged.


Well, the easy way to solve this trouble is to replace the defective receiver. But before replacing this device, clean it.

Also, check the device’s position. Make sure it is correctly positioned, and the battery is full. However, when following all these steps go in vain, then replace your fireplace receiver. 

Remember that replacing the receiver will be easy for a mechanically expert person. But, if you are not that person or a newbie in dealing with electronics, you can take professional help. 

3. Remote’s Dead Batteries

Your Valor gas fireplace has a remote using which you can operate this unit. The fireplace receiver is programmed to detect and receive the remote command in real-time.

But when the remote’s battery becomes dead or low, your fireplace receiver fails to receive the remote’s transmission. 

valor fireplace remote's dead batteries 

And thus, your fireplace beeps and won’t ignite. However, dead, low, or damaged batteries in the remote are the main culprit for this hitch.

Also, if you operate the remote far away from your fireplace, the control board fails to detect the signal, and it beeps. 


Beeping on your fireplace with no ignition necessarily indicates the batteries within the unit (remote or receiver) are critically low or dead. Most commonly the receiver’s low battery is the culprit. 

But sometimes, your remote’s battery can cause this issue. So check it and replace the dead batteries. 

4. No-Pairing Between/Non-Programming Receiver & Remote

So after changing the receiver battery and replacing the receiver, still your fireplace can go through the same problem. The issue still persists because of the non-programming remote and receiver. 

non-programming receiver & remote 

The fact is when you change the battery or install a new receiver, it loses its previous pairing with the remote. Thus, again, the receiver fails to receive the remote’s command. And thus, your fireplace beeps with no lighting. 


Your fireplace receiver and remote control are programmed to function together. Keep in mind, when you replace the receiver or its battery, you must reset the receiver. Or reprogram your remote and receiver so that it works again. 

5. Weak Thermopile

If your fireplace fails to establish the fire after solving the receiver and battery issue, the culprit can potentially be a weak thermopile.

So another major reason why your Valor fireplace won’t light but beeps for several seconds is the bad thermopile. 

weak thermopile 

However, the malfunctioning thermopile declines your fireplace’s lighting function performance over time. And then your fireplace shuts off on its own.

Maybe some dirt, dust, or foreign objects accumulates in the thermopile or it becomes broken or misaligned. And thus, this device becomes weak or faulty. 


You can know whether your valor fireplace thermopile is weak or not by checking its voltage. Thus test this unit using a multimeter.

Before testing the thermopile, we recommend you visually check whether dirt has built in it or if it has become broken and misaligned. Clean its grime accumulation and ensure it is appropriately placed. 

How To Test Gas Fireplace Thermopiles

Testing the thermopile will confirm whether it is working perfectly or not. So, follow the steps below to test this device’s voltage. 

Step 1: Set your digital multimeter to DC (Direct Current). The three dots line in the image below is the DC symbol. 

digital multimeter

Step 2: Now disconnect the thermopile’s wiring connection from your fireplace gas control. The thermopile is connected to the TP and TH/TP terminals. Put the probe on the TP & TH/TP terminals. 

TP & TH,TP terminals

Step 3: Set your fireplace’s gas control at the pilot setting and light the pilot. Keep the pilot light on for at least 2 minutes so that the thermopile gets warm. 

thermopile gets warm

Step 4: Check and ensure your fireplace on/off switch, remote, wall thermostats, and wall switch are in the Off position. Now test the thermopile’s voltage by placing your multimeter’s probe on the TH/TP and TP terminal. 

test the thermopile's voltage

Step 5: On these terminals, continuously hold the testing probe until you get the maximum voltage. 3 minutes may be needed to complete this testing process. However, once you see your multimeter’s reading is decreasing, that means the voltage testing is complete. 

Result: When your fireplace’s main burner is off, the thermopile’s voltage reading should be at least 325.

A millivolt reading below 325 means the thermopile is weak or defective, and you must replace it. And while the main burner is on, 110 V should be the thermopile’s lower volt reading. 

Now, after testing your thermopile, if you see its voltage reading is low and it is weak or bad, you must clean it. After cleaning this device, retest it. In case your thermopile’s voltage reading is still low after cleaning, you must replace the device. 


Why does my Valor fireplace keep turning off?

Your Valor fireplace won’t stay lit due to the filthy pilot light, lousy thermocouple, and malfunctioning thermopile. Also, the other causes are incorrect gas pressure, faulty gas valves, etc. 

How do you clean a thermocouple on a gas fireplace?

Turn off your fireplace and gas valve and remove the unit’s front panel. Now blow the compressed air to remove the dirt. Or use an emery cloth and rub to clean the thermocouple’s dirt or soot

Why won’t my gas fireplace turn on when I flip the switch?

After flipping the switch, your fireplace is not turning on because either the switch is corroded, dirty, or broken. Thus, the switch’s voltage is lost, so your fireplace is not starting. 

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this detailed guide was helpful for you, and now you know why your Valor fireplace beeps but won’t light. When your heater goes through this problem, you can troubleshoot that by following the solutions mentioned above. 

However, comment if you fail to fix this trouble or face your Valor fireplace related to any other hitch. Soon we will reply to you. 

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  1. Our GV60 will not light. The pilot will not light. The remote battery was changed out. We can’t see anything wrong. Other than checking the receiver batteries, we don’t know what else to try. We have printed the troubleshooting info. Will continue to research

    • Hi Brenda

      To fix the issue, first clean the dirt & debris between the thermocouple & igniter. You can also blow compressed air to clean the pilot assembly. Wait for a few minutes & then try to ignite the unit.

      Plus, make sure the gas valve is in the on position.

      If it doesn’t work, purge the air from the pilot tubing by holding the pilot button down for a few minutes(one to three).

      Hopefully, your fireplace issue will be solved.

      Best of luck!


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