Why My Valor Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit [Reasons + Solutions]

You have turned on your fireplace to enjoy the warm winter. But your Valor fireplace won’t stay lit, and this problem really sucks.

The major culprits are the damaged or dirty pilot & defective thermocouple or thermopile for which your fireplace keeps going off. So, check these units and replace the bad ones.

 valor fireplace won't stay lit

The other reasons for which your fireplace shuts off are incorrect gas pressure, faulty gas valves, clogged burner ports, and thermostat malfunction.

Some more factors that caused the fire to go out are the damaged gas line, malfunctioning flux capacitor, insufficient fuel, etc.

Whatever causes your fireplace keeps turning off requires solutions to fix these issues. And this troubleshooting guide will tell you the detailed way to get rid of this hitch. So, keep reading.  

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Why Valor Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit [Reasons + Solutions]

Below we will explain the major causes for which your fireplace shuts off frequently and their effective solutions. So, let’s start:

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Is Your Fireplace Pilot Light Lit?

Before complaining about your Valor gas fireplace that won’t stay lit, first, you should check whether the pilot light is lit or not. 

Sometimes it happens that you unconsciously forget to light the pilot light. In case the light is not lit, following the user manual’s instructions, relight the pilot. 

Check The Pilot Light Issues

However, after relighting the pilot, you must check the pilot light if the fire still goes out frequently. The bad or dirty pilot light is one of the major culprits for which your fireplace won’t stay.

valor fireplace pilot light

When you flip a switch or turn your fireplace’s key, a small deep blue flame that ignites is the pilot light.  With the help of this blue flame, the fire starts in your fireplace. Or simply pilot light kick starts the fire. 

However, the pilot light can be broken, faulty, or misaligned, and dirt or debris can build up in it. For fixing the pilot light hitch, first, reset the light.

And then clean the dirt or debris build-up around it. Before replacing any parts, ensure that you turn on the gas supply in your fireplace. 

It’s Time To Inspect The Thermocouple

So, are you done with relighting and checking your fireplace pilot light? If you find this device is working well, still your fireplace won’t stay on, then you must check the thermocouple.

 valor fireplace thermocouple 

A thermocouple is the ignition system’s component and a safety device. A faulty thermocouple, either damaged or broken, is one of the main culprits for which your Valor fireplace keeps shutting off. 

When the pilot light doesn’t light, the thermocouple doesn’t allow the gas valve to open. But the failed device can’t control the gas valve, and the pilot light keeps going out. So whether the thermocouple is lousy or not, to ensure it, you should test it. 

However, the thermocouple becomes non-functioning due to dirt build-up in it, sheath failure, power surge, or improper installation. So, check the thermocouple for damage that sticks out right in the pilot light’s front. 

Make sure the thermocouple senses the flame and allows the gas valve to open only when the pilot light is lit. Then, clean & test the thermocouple, and replace the defective unit.  Also, ensure it is correctly installed. 

How To Test Valor Gas Fireplace Thermocouple

Testing the thermocouple is necessary to ensure whether it becomes malfunctioning or not. Now, follow the quick steps below to test your fireplace thermocouple: 

Step 1: First, set Direct Current (DC) to the voltmeter. 

Set the Voltmeter to DC

The three dots line underneath, or the dot’s long line is the DC volt symbol. 

DC volt symbol 3 dots line

Step 2: Locate the position where the thermocouple is screwed in the gas valve. And then, unscrew the device from the valve. 

unscrew the device from the valve

For taking the voltmeter reading, place the red probe on the thermocouple’s very end. 

thermocouple's end

Step 3: Also, place the black probe on the copper wire of your thermocouple. Hold on to the pilot and keep one hand free to depress the thermocouple.

place the black probe on thermocouple end

Use the alligator clips on the probes to get the reading. 

use the alligator clips on the probes

Step 4: Ensure proper placement of voltmeter probes. Now light the pilot light by keeping the knob depressed.

keep the pilot light knob depressed

Due to the disconnection between the valve and thermocouple, the pilot light will not remain on.

Step 5: While the pilot is On, 8MV-30MV should be the thermocouple’s voltage reading with the attached voltmeter. 

thermocouple's voltage reading

Results: If your Valor fireplace’s thermocouple reading is less than 8MV, that means the device is faulty. And you must replace it. 

Thermocouple Cleaning Instructions

Sometimes cleaning the thermocouple is enough to fix your fireplace. So before replacing the thermocouple, we recommend you clean it properly. After using your fireplace for one or more seasons, carbon deposit builds up in the thermocouple. 

Take a fine-grit sandpaper strip and clean the unit’s carbon build-up. Lightly rub the thermocouple back and forth and ensure it is shining again. After completing the cleaning, retest the thermocouple to check whether it is working fine or not. 

How To Replace Valor Gas Fireplace Thermocouple

After cleaning and retesting the thermocouple, if you still find it is bad, you must replace it. For changing your fireplace’s lousy thermocouple with a new one, follow the instructions below: 

Step 1: From the clamp, disconnect the probe. After that, carefully pull off the complete setup of your thermocouple. Before lifting the setup, don’t forget to turn off the gas supply line valve. 

Step 2: Take a new thermocouple and, with a probe, correctly install the new one. Replace the clip’s probe and, away from the pilot flame, keep the clip in a safe place. And insert the clip’s other end into the gas valve. 

Step 3: Now light the pilot and check whether the flame stays bright or not. When the flame remains lit for extended periods, you should bring the probe close to the flame. 

Now Test The Thermopile

If your fireplace thermocouple is ok, then the next step is to check your fireplace’s thermopile. Because it is another culprit for which your Valor fireplace pilot won’t stay lit. Thermopile can stop working because of dirt or debris build-up in it, or the unit becomes broken or damaged. 

valor fireplace thermopile 

Therefore, you should clean the thermopile’s dirt and replace the faulty one. For testing your gas fireplace’s thermopile, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Set the multimeter to Direct Current (DC). You will see the three dots with a line underneath or a long line and this line is the DC symbol. 

 DC symbol

Step 2: Now separate the wiring connection of the thermopile from the gas control. The thermopile is attached to the TH/TP and TP terminals. On these terminals, put the probes. 

TH/TP and TP terminals

Step 3: Before lighting the pilot, set the gas control of your Valor fireplace at the pilot light setting. Leave the pilot light on for 2 minutes so that the thermocouple gets warm.

leave the pilot light on for 2 minutes

Step 4: Ensure your fireplace’s remote, on/off switch, wall switch, and wall thermostats are in the off position. 

keep switch's in off position

For testing the thermopile’s voltage, place the multimeter probe on the TP & TH/TP terminal. 

place the multimeter probe on the TP & TH or TP terminal. 

Step 5: Keep holding the testing probe on these terminals as long as you don’t get the highest voltage. And the entire process may take 3 minutes or more. The testing process will be completed once the reading on the digital multimeter slows down or decreases. 

Result: Your thermopile’s millivolt reading (main burner off) below 325 means the unit is defective. And you must replace it. However, while the main burner is operating or on, the thermopile’s low voltage reading should be 110V. 

Thermopile Cleaning Instructions

Clean the thermopile first so that it functions normally again. Turn off your fireplace’s gas supply to clean the thermopile quickly. Next, take fine-grit sandpaper or stainless steel brush to scrub the shoot build-up of the thermopile. 

thermopile cleaning

After cleaning the unit, retest it to check whether it is working fine or not. If again the thermopile’s millivolt reading is below 325, you must replace it. 

Difference Between The Thermocouple & Thermopile

Thermocouples and thermopiles both convert the derived energy from heat to electricity. The thermocouple’s series bundled together is called the thermopile.

Thus compared to the thermocouple, the thermopile produces more current. Again the thermocouple doesn’t provide enough energy to power a thermostat, but the thermopile can do that. 

Valor Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit – 11 More Reasons

So, you are done with checking and fixing the thermopile, thermocouple, and pilot light, right? If still, your fireplace flame turns off, you should now look for the other factors. 

However, some more common reasons for which your fireplace fire goes out frequently are: 

1. Incorrect Gas Pressure

Your Valor gas fireplace pilot won’t stay lit due to the incorrect gas pressure setting. Using the manometer, you can measure the gas valve’s gas flow. Check the gas pressure and adjust it or set it correctly. 

2. Defective Gas Valve

The malfunctioning gas valve is responsible for your fireplace’s frequent turning off. The lousy valve fails to regulate the gas pressure and can’t supply sufficient gas to your fireplace. Thus, the unit keeps shutting off. 

The valve can simply wear out or become damaged over time. Or the glitch in the safety circuit and the lousy electronic gas ignition components can make the valve ineffective.

So check and replace the damaged gas valve and failed electronic ignition components. Also, remove the safety circuit glitch. 

3. Clogged Burner Ports

Your Valor fireplace experiences uneven flame distribution due to the clogged and dirty burner ports, and thus the unit keeps shutting off.

In addition, due to infrequently cleaning the burner ports, dirt or debris build up in it. Clean the burner ports and make sure your fireplace is performing correctly. 

Burner Ports Cleaning Instructions

We recommend you remove your Valor fireplace burner ports clog, by following the easy steps below: 

  • Turn off your fireplace’s burner and pilot light and stop the gas flow. Wait for 2-3 hours so that the fireplace becomes cool completely.
  • Carefully expose the burner ports by moving the glass or glass logs. 
  • Now clean the burner’s dirt or soot by using a handheld vacuum. Also, to scrub the burner port’s debris, you can use a soft toothbrush. And, clean the additional debris in that area. 
  • Replace the glass or logs carefully. Then reset the pilot light and turn on your fireplace’s gas flow. Light the burner and check whether the problem is solved or not. 

4. Dirty Chimney

Inspect your fireplace chimney to ensure whether it has become filthy or not. A dirty chimney is not safe to use.

Thus check the chimney flue liner’s hidden areas. Now clean all the mold, stains, and creosote from your chimney to keep it safe to use. 

5. Firebox Issues

Your fireplace firebox is a sealed unit with a glass door that contains the ignition system and fire logs.

Unfortunately, the firebox creates problems in your fireplace. And the unit won’t stay lit when the gas logs are not properly placed or white film on the glass door. 

Carbon deposit build-up causes white film on the glass door. Thus, clean the door properly and remove the soot. 

6. Inadequate Fuel Supply

Low or insufficient fuel supply is another reason why your Valor gas fire won’t stay lit. Thus inspect the fuel supply and ensure your fireplace is getting adequate gas to light or operate. 

7. Thermostat Malfunction

The thermostat ignites the flame when the temperature drops below a certain threshold.

If you set the thermostat lower or too higher than your room’s current temperature, your fireplace will not stay on. Thus check the thermostat setting and set the appropriate temperature. 

8. Damaged Gas Line

The gas line in your Valor fireplace is a path through which the natural gas travels from the main gas line to your home.

And fuel the gas appliances. When the gas line becomes bent or damaged, no gas can enter your fireplace, and thus it keeps turning off. Thus check your home’s gas line and replace the bent or damaged one. 

9. Flux Capacitor Malfunction

The bad flux capacitor is another culprit for going out of your fireplace’s fire. The lousy flux capacitor can’t hold the required charge to run the fireplace blower motor. 

So ultimately, the blower motor becomes slower, and your fireplace keeps turning off by itself. Thus check the flux capacitor and replace the bad one. 

10. Drip Loop

Moisture in the gas line, contaminated gas, or drip loop is another reason why your valor fireplace pilot light won’t stay lit. The drip loop dilutes the natural gas, and thus the pilot light goes off. 

Bleeding the other components of natural gas is risky and requires a professional touch. So, contact Valor Fireplace Customer Care to solve this trouble. 

11. Lousy Oxypilot

Your fireplace’s oxy pilot monitors your room’s oxygen and shuts off the gas when the oxygen level becomes low. But the sensor becomes blocked due to the dust or soot build-up in the system. 

However, the defective oxy pilot fails to read the accurate oxygen level. And thus, it turns off the fireplace gas supply.

And ultimately the pilot won’t stay lit. Clean the oxy pilot sensor’s dust or soot and ensure it functions correctly. Also, ensure that your room’s oxygen level is adequate. 

Valor Fireplace Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

Apart from all these above causes, your fireplace can shut off frequently because the unit itself is dirty. It’s a silly reason.

And you can save yourself from huge stress just by properly maintaining and cleaning your fireplace. Some of the fireplace cleaning and maintenance tips are: 

  • Clean your gas fireplace using a rag, hand brush, or vacuum cleaner
  • Avoid using water or chemicals in cleaning the burner ports and don’t drill out or poke the ports. 
  • Make sure the gas logs are installed in the proper location to ensure perfect flame distribution. 
  • While cleaning the fireplace’s dusty components, ensure you are not disturbing any gas tubing or wiring. Methodically and slowly clean all these. 

Wrap Up

So, after going through the above troubleshooting guide, hopefully, you know why your Valor fireplace won’t stay lit. Whenever your fireplace goes through this problem, follow our suggested approach to fix this. 

Also, you can comment if you have any other queries on your Valor gas fireplace. We will reply to you soon. 

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