Honeywell Hot Water Heater Status Light Blinking [Solved]

Your Honeywell hot water heater status light blinking at different times to give you the fault indication. Usually, your heater’s status light flashes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8 times. 

Respectively, these status light codes signal your heater’s normal operation, low thermopile voltage, faulty internal parts, temp cut-out limit, failed temp sensor, water leakage, and electronics failure.

Whenever you are struggling with your heater’s flashing status light first, we recommend you reset your heater to fix it. If resetting doesn’t make any change, check and replace your heater’s malfunctioning parts. 

honeywell hot water heater status light blinking

However, after conducting in-depth research in this guide, we outlined why your heater’s status light blinks and their effective solutions. So go through it and learn to fix your heater’s blinking code yourself.

Honeywell Water Heater Status Light Flashing – Meaning

A blinking status light on your heater does not necessarily mean that the unit is malfunctioning. During its normal operation, your heater can also blink the status light. 

honeywell water heater status light flashing meaning

Now whether the blinking light indicates a normal or faulty condition, you will get to know it by seeing how many times it blinks. However, your heater’s status light flashing means the following:

  • Heater Operating Normally: When at every 3 seconds your heater blinks the status light 1 time, it means the unit is functioning perfectly.
  • Malfunctioning Heater: If every 3 seconds the light blinks more than 1 time, it means the unit is not operating correctly.  

Note: You can also read our comprehensive Honeywell water heater troubleshooting guide.

Honeywell Hot Water Heater Status Light Blinking [Solved]

This guide will explain the causes and solutions of your heater’s different times flashing lights. But before directly jumping into the discussion, let’s take a look at the following table to know what the blinking light means: 

water heater status light
Number of Times Status Light Blinking Meaning 
1 Flash Not an error 
2 Flashes Low thermopile voltage 
3 FlashesInternal parts become defective
4 FlashesReached the temperature cut-out limit 
5 FlashesWater temperature sensor failure 
6 FlashesTank leakage 
7 FlashesElectronics failure 
8 FlashesThe control does not see the power 

Now one by one, we will explain the reasons and solutions for these blinking codes. So, let’s start:

1 flash every 3 seconds on your heater gives you the signal that the unit is operating normally. This means the electronics are holding the main valve closed and the pilot valve open. Again when your heater strobes every 3 seconds, it is also not any error. 

Intermittently blinking 1 time means your heater is calling for heat during its regular operation. Also, in idle mode, your heater flashes 1 time every 3 seconds.


As 1-time blinking signals your heater’s normal operation, thus no action is required to solve it. However, you can set your heater’s desired temperature by turning the knob while the unit is flashing 1 time. 

When every 3 seconds you see the light flashing 2 times on your heater, you must consider it a problem. Mainly your heater goes through this hitch when the main valve is turned off, or the thermopile voltage is low.


Start to fix this 2-time flashing by checking the thermopile and its connection. Next, ensure your heater’s main valve is turned on and the gas flows perfectly. Finally, check the pilot flame.

How To Check The Thermopile

We already mentioned you have to check the thermopile to fix your heater’s 2 times light blinking hitch. Now test the voltage on the thermopile following the steps below:

Step 1: Pull out your heater’s bottom access cover. Now take a multimeter and set it to DC volt. Then go forward and disconnect the control valve’s two wire connectors. Afterward, to each connector, connect the probes.

Step 2: Now, it’s time to relight the pilot. After relighting, hold down the igniter button. Once the thermopile becomes heated within a few minutes, the voltage will start rising. 

Step 3: 650-850 is the standard millivolt or voltage calculation for a functional thermopile. We strongly recommend you replace the thermopile if your thermopile’s voltage output is behind this range.

When you see your heater’s status light blinking 3 times with a 3 seconds pause, be sure that the unit’s internal defective components are causing it. The culprit can be the condensate drainage system clog, blocked exhaust piping, or faulty draft pressure switch. 

  • The clogged condensate drainage system.
  • Blocked exhaust piping.
  • Or faulty draft pressure switch. 


First, check the condensate drain and clean its clog. Then, make sure the condensation is efficiently draining through it. Now, move on to fix the next culprit. 

Inspect the blockage in the exhaust pipe and clean it properly. Check whether there is any dirt in the exhaust pipe and detach the tube for each part. In case you find any clogs, remove them using the cleaning brush.

Finally, inspect and replace the malfunctioning draft pressure switch only if you are mechanically experienced. Otherwise, we strongly recommend you take the professional’s help.

The main reason for the 4 times status light blinking every 3 seconds is the reached temperature cut-out limit. 

Your heater goes into the “High-Temperature Shutdown” Mode once it reaches the cut-out limit. Any issue with the water temperature sensor, valve, or high-temperature set point can also likely cause this.

Note: Once the “High-Temperature Shutdown” mode becomes active in your heater, the unit will not blink the status light because the pilot light goes out. Moreover, due to this mode, your heater will also not produce enough hot water.


To fix this hitch, first, check the water temperature sensor and valves and replace the defective ones. Then go forward and reduce your heater’s water temperature set point. 

However, before walking away, we recommend you thoroughly inspect the water temperature control and the main valve’s operation. 

Also, follow the steps below to settle down your heater’s 4 times flashing hitch and take your heater out of the “High-Temperature Shutdown” mode:

  • For 5-10 minutes, turn off your heater’s temperature control knob and allow the unburned gas to clear out. Then at the Pilot position, set the temp control knob. While holding down the knob, depress the Piezo igniter button continuously.
  • After pressing the igniter button, you will see that every 3 seconds, the status light is flashing 4 times. Now move the control knob to the “Very Hot” position for 10 seconds.
  • Then for 10 seconds, set the knob to the “Hot” position. Finally, for another 10 seconds, turn the knob to the “Pilot” position. Afterward, set your heater desired temperature by turning the temp knob. 

Hopefully, after following all these steps, your heater’s pilot light will come on, and the burner will work fine, also.

Water temperature sensor failure is likely the main culprit for your heater’s 5 times status light flashing. 

Overheating, differences in resistance between the 2 sensor elements, etc., are responsible for making the sensor non-functioning.


The simple way to solve this problem is to replace the failed water temperature sensor. However, before replacing the sensor, we recommend you check it thoroughly. 

Also, check the sensor’s connection for shorts, circuits, or differences in resistance between sensor elements. 

How To Test Temperature Sensor

To determine whether the sensor is defective or not, you need to check your heater’s water temperature sensor. Now, quickly follow the steps below to test the sensor.

  • Starts the process by turning off the unit’s gas supply and disassembling the gas control valve. After removing the gas valve, you will find the attached temperature sensor to the unit’s back plate.
  • Next, take a multimeter and set Ohms to it. Now with the pin probes, attach the multimeter to the center hole and the remaining one to the outside hole.
  • Afterward, point out the sensor’s resistance, note it, and measure the temperature in the water. Then following the instructions mentioned in the manual, at different temperature levels, compare the expected resistance and resistance output.
  • Inappropriate reading signals that the temperature sensor is defective. And therefore you need to replace it to fix your heater’s 5 times blinking hitch.

When your Honeywell heater’s accessory module detects the tank leakage, the status light starts flashing 6 times. Also, any issues with the burner can cause it.


Firstly, find out the leak in your water heater by thoroughly checking it. Fix the leak once you find it. If you experience water leaking out of your tank, we recommend replacing your entire heater. Afterward, check the burner and clean its dirt thoroughly.

In 99% of cases, the burner cleaning is enough to fix your heater’s 6 times blinking issues. But when cleaning the burner doesn’t fix the problem, we recommend you replace it.

Electronics failure in your water heater is the main culprit to blame for the Honeywell hot water heater status blinking 7 times. However, any fault with the control module or the defective gas control valve also leads to this blinking status light.


The simple way to settle down the above problem is to repair your heater’s failed electronics. Before that, inspect the unit’s every wire connection. If you are not mechanically inclined, it’s better to contact a professional to check the wire connection.

After checking the wiring, when you find every wire is working correctly, that means the malfunctioning gas control valve is causing it. Therefore, we strongly recommend you replace the gas control valve.

Gas Control Valve Replacement Instructions

The easy steps to replace your heater’s gas control valve are as follows:

  • Set off your heater’s gas valve and turn off the unit. Then shut down your heater’s water supply and drain the remaining water from your heater.
  • Detach the gas control valve’s every connection and carefully remove the burner. Afterward, remove your heater’s gas valve and install the new valve.
  • After completing the installation process, check the gas valve’s leak. If there is no leak in the valve, your next job is to refill your heater with water. Then put everything back in its previous place. Finally, turn on your heater by relighting the pilot.

The status light on your Honeywell heater blinking blue 8 times is nothing but a warning. It happens when the control fails to see the power decaying with your heater’s knob in the Off position. 

Any issues with the valve can cause this blinking. The flashing light signs that the flammable vapor sensor of your heater is at fault. 

FVS resistance goes out of the range; the sensor’s bad wiring, the faulty gas control, etc., are the potential culprits for the non-functioning flammable vapor sensor.


Check your heater’s valve and FVS. In case anything goes bad, replace the defective one. Also, ensure the sensor’s wiring is perfect, and FVS resistance is within the range.

How To Reset Honeywell Hot Water Heater

To fix your heater’s status light codes, first, you should reset your heater. However, your Honeywell heater has no reset button. Thus to reset the device, follow the quick 4 steps below: 

  • Go near your water heater and turn on the Pilot light 
  • Now for 10 seconds, flip your heater’s pilot knob to the “Very Hot” position 
  • Then for another 10 seconds, turn on the knob to the “Hot” position and 
  • Finally, again for 10 seconds, switch the knob to the “Pilot” position, and the reset is done. 


What are the common problems with hot water heaters?

Your Honeywell hot water heater’s common issues are the heater keeps turning off, leaking water, making a beeping sound, the pilot light won’t stay lit, the burner won’t ignite, the heater won’t turn on, etc. 

How do you know when a hot water heater is going bad?

Your water heater is going bad when it produces gritty or discolored water, the dirty smell comes from the water, water is not getting hot enough, too quickly hot water runs out, etc. 

Why does my Honeywell water heater keep turning off?

Your water heater keeps shutting off due to a bent, broken, faulty, or dirty thermocouple. Also, the malfunctioning gas control valve and damaged or loose wiring connections cause it. 

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you now know the A-Z detailed guide of Honeywell hot water heater status light blinking, including their causes and solutions.

If your heater status light flashes more than 1 time at a 3-second pause, you will now fix it by yourself in no time. If you fail, comment in the comment box, and we will help you ASAP. 

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