Comfort Zone Infrared Heater Problems [9+ Easy Fixes]

The major Comfort Zone Infrared heater problems you may face are:

  • The unit goes out intermittently or won’t start. 
  • The heater blows cold air.
  • The heater is making a noise.
  • The fan stops working.
  • And displaying error codes. 
comfort zone infrared heater problems

However, in our today’s Comfort Zone Infrared heater troubleshooting guide, we will tell you how you can easily fix the above issues by yourself. 

Quick Solution:

Whether you are struggling with your heater’s error code or other issues, first reset your heater. Because, in most cases, resetting may your heater issues. If resetting doesn’t fix the hitch, then go on reading our guide.

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Comfort Zone Infrared Heater Problems [9+ Easy Solutions]

This Comfort Zone infrared heater troubleshooting guide has the solutions to all those major hitches for which your heater stops working. Those are:

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1. Heater Keeps Shutting Off

One of the major issues with your heater is that it doesn’t stay lit after turning it on. The abruptly shutting heater sends you the message that something is wrong with the unit. However, your heater operates by getting power from the outlet. 

Therefore, the unit can go through this difficulty due to a bad power source or non-functioning internal components. Anyway, your heater can turn off simply due to the incorrectly connected power cable or a lower thermostat setting. Also, a blown fuse, inadequate airflow, or the tripping circuit breaker can cause this trouble. 


When your heater goes through this hitch, we recommend you first reset your heater. Anyway, you must inspect your heater’s power supply source in case resetting doesn’t change the situation. And ensure the power outlet is functioning well.  

Also, you must make sure that the power cord is correctly connected to the unit. Next, increase the thermostat setting. And confirm that the room temperature is lower than the thermostat setting. Afterward, properly clean the air filters and ensure your heater gets sufficient airflow. 

Another important task to do is to inspect your heater’s heating elements and other parts like a fuse, breaker, thermostat, circuit board, etc. In case you find any device is not functioning, you must replace it. 

2. Heater Won’t Turn On

The faulty power supply unit fails to send sufficient power to your heater. And therefore, the unit is not starting. While your heater refuses to turn on, the reason can be as simple as this. However, besides this, the other potential culprits are: 

  • Plugging the electric cord incorrectly into the wall socket
  • Damaged power cable 
  • A faulty remote or remote’s battery is dead 
  • The thermostat setting is lower than the room temperature

Along with all these above causes, the loose wiring connection or bad internal heating elements can cause this trouble also. 


When your heater refuses to start, we recommend you check its power source. Without power, your heater can’t function. Therefore, make sure you correctly plugged the cord into the outlet and your heater is getting power. 

However, even sometimes, it may happen that you plugged the cord correctly, but the cable is damaged. Therefore we suggest you visually inspect the cable and replace the bad one. 

After replacing the power cord and electrical outlet, the hitch still persists? Now it’s time to inspect the remote and its battery. Replace the lousy remote and its dead batteries. 

Then another obvious thing for you to do is to check the thermostat setting. Make sure the thermostat setting is higher than the room temperature. Even after adjusting the temperature, your heater still won’t start. If yes, then you must look for your heater’s heating elements and replace the damaged ones. Also, tighten the wiring connection. 

3. Heater Won’t Turn Off

Contrary to the trouble that your heater won’t turn on, you may go through another issue also. That is, your heater won’t shut off.

comfort zone infrared heater won't turn off

You push your heater’s power button to turn it off, but the unit stays on and keeps running. 


Don’t panic in case you ever experience your heater not turning off. According to the Comfort Zone heater manual, this is your heater’s normal function. 

But we suggest you not unplug your heater until you no longer get the fan running sound. Actually, during this time, your heater runs for some time to cool down. 

4. Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

The air filter can’t process the air when dirt or debris builds up in the filter. Ultimately the HVAC unit fails to circulate the air. And thus it causes no hot air from your heater. Moreover, your heater stops blowing hot air when its internal heating element doesn’t get sufficient power. 

Furthermore, a broken thermostat, blown fuses, capacitors, or non-functioning fan can cause this hitch also. 


When your heater stops blowing hot air, we suggest you first turn off your heater. Then check your heater’s filter and see whether they are blocked or not. If so, then immediately clean the filter clog. And ensure your heater’s HVAC system is circulating the air perfectly.

After cleaning the filter, still, your heater blows cold air? Ok, now it’s time to inspect the unit’s thermostat, fuse, fan, and other heating elements. Only through checking these devices, you will find which one is the culprit. And then replace the lousy unit. Hopefully, your heater will start blowing hot air after replacing the bad components again. 

5. Heater Fan Not Working

A common trouble with your Comfort Zone heater is that suddenly its fan can stop working. You may encounter the fan not starting, overheating, failing to change the speed, or its blade spinning slowly. 

Now, whatever type of difficulty you face, we will explain the causes and resolving ways of each below. So, let’s start: 

i). Fan Won’t Turn On

The first fan-related issue is it refuses to start. The responsible factors for it are: 

  • Fan’s damaged or loose internal wiring connection
  • Non-functioning power outlet


To fix the fan that won’t function, you must follow the ways below: 

ii). Fan Blades Spin Slowly Or Don’t Spin

After turning on your heater, the fan within it starts running. But the fan’s blade can spin at a shallow and undesirable speed. Or sometimes it may not spin at all. 

Your fan can do so due to blockage in its blade, malfunctioning motor, or fan failing to reach the highest speed. 


First off, clean and remove the fan blade blockage. Afterward, replace the malfunctioning motor.  Also, during replacing the motor, check which factor hinders the fan from reaching its highest speed. 

iii). Fan Overheats

After running your Comfort Zone heater for a while, the fan may get unusually or extremely hot. The defective motor and blockage in the fan’s track are the potential cause of it. 


If your heater’s fan overheats, simply clean the blockage in the fan’s track. And then replace the faulty motor. Hopefully, now the fan will function normally again. 

iv). Fan Fails To Change Speed

Your heater fan’s speed is not changing, maybe due to the bad switch or loose wiring connection. Or it can happen that somehow, the wire becomes disconnected totally. And that’s why the fan’s speed is not changing. 


The simple way to settle the above difficulties is first to inspect and replace the defective fan switch. Also, tighten your heater’s wiring connection and connect the wires.

6. The Heater Smells Like Burning

After using your Comfort Zone heater for years, you may notice the acrid & sharp smell coming from the unit. When your Comfort Zone heater smells burning, it’s not unusual. The probable causes of smell can be:

  • Dirty heating elements 
  • Clogged filters 
  • Burnt-out motors 
  • Faulty wires

Moreover, grime accumulates on your heater’s different parts when you fail to maintain the cleaning routine. And it also creates a bad smell. 


Your heater becomes unusable if toxic smells continuously come from it. You can consider the initial burning smell normal. But when your heater continuously generates this smell, you should not overlook it. Rather, take steps immediately to fix it. 

As a first step, we suggest you properly clean the accumulated grime on your heat exchanger and heating elements. Also, remove the filter clog and your heater’s trapped debris. 

However, in case the smell persists after cleaning all these, look for burnt-out wires or motors. Make sure your heater’s no part is burning from overheating. But if anything accidentally gets burnt, you must immediately turn off your heater and replace that element. 

7. Heater Making Noise

While running, suddenly, your heater makes a loud sound. Let me tell you; it’s not an uncommon thing. Simply, the loud sound means your heater’s motor is jolted out of alignment. In case you leave your heater in this noise-making state, the motor can burn out completely. Also, the other factors to blame for making noise are:

  • Expanding surface material 
  • Overheating heater
  • Vibrating heat coil

Moreover, due to the fan’s improper movement, you can get sound from your heater. 


If your Comfort Zone heater makes a clicking, grinding, or crackling sound due to its expansion and contraction, then it’s normal. But you should not overlook when your heater makes a loud sound, and beware of the screeching noises. 

However, to fix your heater’s sound hitch, follow the ways below:

  • Avoid running your heater for a long time to prevent the motor and heater’s overheating
  • Replace the worn-out heating coil
  • Check and confirm your heater’s metal element is not bumping into each other, and tighten the loose screws
  • Make sure your heater’s fan is usually moving, and it is not making much noise

8. Heater Thermostat Not Working

Your heater’s non-functioning thermostat temperature won’t match the wall temperature, and it’s another problem. The potential factors which cause the thermostat malfunction are inappropriate programming, loose wiring connection, blocked airflow, etc. 


The thermostat’s most basic connections are heating, fan, and cooling connections. Now when any of these connections become loose, your heater thermostat will stop functioning.

Therefore first, you must inspect your heater’s heating, cooling, and fan connection. And make sure that all these are functioning well. Afterward, to get the programming instructions, call your dealer. 

You require the instructions to match your Comfort Zone heater’s infrared temperature setting to the existing wall thermostat. Also, ensure that your heater is getting sufficient airflow and there is no blockage in its way. 

9. Heater Heating & Cooling Unusually

Your CZ (Comfort Zone) infrared heater is heating and cooling abruptly because its high-limit switch has become defective. However, other potential causes are malfunctioning thermostats, defective fans, motors, etc. 


First, inspect the high-limit switch, thermostat, and fan motor to remove the above hitch. Afterward, replace the faulty one. 

10. Error Codes

Error codes blinking on your heater means the unit is giving you the fault indication that it is facing problems. However, your heater can display different error codes like E1, E2, E3, and A05. 

Now, one by one, we will explain the details of causes and resolving ways of each: 

i). Error Code E1:

You will notice the error code E1 in your heater display when the heater gets overheated. This overheating can happen if your heater’s air filter gets clogged due to dirt and dust.

When the air filter gets blocked, it fails to keep enough airflow. And thus, your heater begins to overheat.

Sometimes, if your heater fails to get a sufficient power supply, you can also notice the error code E1 on your heater display.


Clean your heater air filter specifically to ensure enough airflow. Also, it would be wise to clean your whole heater.

Besides, make sure your heater is getting sufficient power supply. And don’t run your heater for an extended time to prevent overheating.

ii). Error Code E2:

When your heater temperature sensor doesn’t work, your heater display will begin to show the error code E2. And the heater temperature sensor won’t work if it gets defective. 


The only solution is to replace the heater temperature sensor.

iii). Error Code E3:

Your heater displaying the E3 error code means the unit’s outdoor temperature sensor has failed. Open outdoor air temperature sensors and the inappropriate temperature reading can lead to this error. 


To fix your heater’s E3 error, you must close the outdoor air temperature sensor. Also, take care of the fact that your heater is reading the correct temperature. 

iv). Error Code A05:

Due to the overheated heater, insufficient airflow, and dirty vent, your CZ infrared heater can display the A05 code. 


All you have to do is to ensure your heater is not overheating. We recommend you not use the unit for a long time to prevent your heater from getting overheated. Also, properly clean the vents and make sure your heater is getting sufficient airflow. 

How To Reset Comfort Zone Infrared Heater

We recommend you reset your heater first when the unit won’t stay on or display the error codes. The easy resetting steps are:

  • Turn off your heater’s power switch. And make sure the TEMP light is off
  • Disconnect your heater from the wall outlet by unplugging it. Then, leave your heater unplugged for 10-15 minutes
  • After 15 minutes, plug back your heater’s cord into the power source. Afterward, turn on your heater. The reset is done.


Can you leave a comfort zone heater on all night?

No! You should not leave your comfort zone heater running all night alone in a room. Leaving your heater unattended can cause fire or other unwanted disasters.

What temperature should I set for my Comfort Zone heater?

In winter, set the thermostat setting between 68-72 degrees F to save energy. However, when everyone is going to sleep or no one is at home, set the temperature between 58-62 degrees F.

Wrap up

So we are at the end of this article, and we explained all the major Comfort Zone infrared heater problems in-depth, including their exact causes and solutions. Hopefully, from now on, you can fix your heater’s issues yourself. 

However, for further queries, you can comment in the comment section. ASAP our team will reply to you.

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