Honeywell Water Heater Troubleshooting [9+ Easy Fixes]

Our today’s Honeywell water heater troubleshooting guide will help you to fix the following issues:

  • The pilot won’t light or keep shutting off.  
  • The heater is not heating.
  • The heater making noise. 
  • Heater FVS lockout. 
  • Displaying error codes or status lights stop blinking.
honeywell water heater troubleshooting

However, sharply read this guide, and learn the way to fix all these above troubles by yourself. 

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Honeywell Water Heater Troubleshooting [9+ Easy Fixes]

In this section, we will explain all those factors responsible for the major hitch on your Honeywell water heater and their practical solutions. Let’s start:

1. Heater Keeps Turning Off

Intermittently your heater going out is the most common problem with Honeywell water heaters.

Honeywell water heater keeps turning off

When you face this hitch, you need to check the thermocouple because the faulty thermocouple is one of its prime reasons. Other 3-4 more factors cause the unit to keep going out. Those are: 

  • Filthy or bad pilot tube. 
  • Damaged gas valve.
  • Thermostat malfunction. 

Along with the above causes, your heater will fail to operate continuously if it doesn’t get an adequate gas supply. 


If there is a problem with the thermocouple or thermostat, your heater will suddenly start shutting off after running for a few seconds. Therefore we suggest you check these devices. Afterward, clean the dirty thermocouple. And replace the damaged appliances. 

In case your heater is still acting the same after replacing the thermocouple or thermostat, you must inspect the gas valve and pilot tube. 

Clean the dirt from your heater pilot tube. And in case you find the heater valve is faulty, then simply replace it. 

Ensure your heater is getting sufficient gas supply. And hopefully, the unit will start operating normally again. 

2. Heater No Status Light

So another trouble that you may encounter is there is no status light on your heater. When the status light fails to blink after 90 seconds of starting your heater, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Malfunctioning thermocouples, faulty gas control valves, etc. are the potential reasons for this hitch. 

Honeywell water heater no status light

Sometimes it happens that the status light is not reacting because the pilot light is not lit or the igniter has no spark. Or simply a tripping thermal switch can cause this trouble. 


After turning on your heater, wait for 90 seconds. When the status light doesn’t blink on your heater, we recommend you turn off the gas valve. And then, you must release the gas control knob. Wait for 10 minutes. Then try again to relight the pilot. 

Flashing the status light on your newly installed heater may require 2-3 lighting attempts. If, after following this method, there is no change in the status light, you must follow the other solutions below: 

  • Mainly your heater will not operate when the pilot light is not lit. The pilot light can stop lighting due to a malfunctioning thermocouple or gas control valve. 
  • Therefore the recommendation is to check the thermocouple and gas valve. In case any of the devices is bad or hindering the functioning of your heater, you must replace that. 
  • Also, remember to inspect the thermal switch. When it keeps tripping, you have no choice but to replace it. 
  • And last but not least, check your heater’s igniter and ensure it has a spark. 

3. Heater Pilot Light Won’t Light

The pilot ignites the gas burner on your water heater. Therefore, your heater will stop heating when the pilot fails to light. The pilot light stops lighting when it faces restriction due to the carbon deposits building up in it. 

Honeywell water heater pilot light won't light

However, most Honeywell heater pilot light problems stem from the pilot light unit controller. Also, some more factors that hinder your heater pilot from lighting are: 

  • Defective thermopile or thermopile power issues. 
  • Dirty pilot tubes.
  • Internal wiring malfunction in your heater.
  • No gas or low gas pressure.

Besides the above factors, backdraft can cause hitches in the pilot light. Excessive drafts build up in your heater when you place it in a moist environment. So it’s another reason to consider. 


Firstly, try to fix this trouble by cleaning the pilot light and pilot tube and removing its deposits build up. Still, after cleaning it, when the pilot on your heater refuses to light, there is something wrong with the pilot light unit controller. Replace the bad controller. 

Secondly, you must check the thermopile, pilot tubes, and internal wiring in your heater. If any of these become lousy, you must replace them. In case you are not mechanically inclined to deal with the wiring or thermopile, it is better to contact a professional. 

4. Heater Making Noise

Your Honeywell water heater can make noise or sizzling sounds due to internal condensation. Over time minerals build up on the bottom area of your gas water heater. When your heater heats water, the sediment bed in the tank generates steam bubbles, creating noise. 

honey well water heater making noise

Moreover, the restricted water flows, the defective check valve, and water pressure fluctuations also cause sound from your heater. 


Excessive sediment build-up is often to blame for the rumbling, banging, crackling, ticking, hissing, and screeching sound from your heater. Regarding this, inspect the bottom area of the unit for minerals build up and properly clean it. The other simple ways to fix the above troubles are: 

  • Ensure water is flowing perfectly in your heater.
  • Check the valve in the water line in your heater. And confirm there is no malfunction. During checking, if you find the valve is faulty, you must replace the faulty gas control valve
  • Always make sure the water pressure fluctuations in your heater are normal. 

5. Heater Not Heating

When your heater fails to heat, it will produce cold water that will never comfort your daily activities. Especially when the outside temperature is freezy, you will need hot water for showering and washing. 

Either the malfunctioning heating system, low gas pressure, or low thermostat setting is hindering your heater from getting heated. There is also the possibility that a lousy thermostat or a dirty pilot light can lead to this trouble. 


A shorted heating element in your heater is often to blame for this difficulty. The recommendation is to check the internal heating elements of the unit.

And then replace the bad ones. Afterward, inspect the gas pressure and thermostat setting. Ensure the gas pressure is perfect in your heater. 

When you find the thermostat setting is low due to the thermostat malfunction. You must replace the device immediately. Last but not least, remember to inspect the pilot light on your heater and make sure it is lit. 

6. Heater Flammable Vapor Sensor Lockout

Due to the FVS lockout, your heater stops heating water. The water heater safety devices are FV (Flammable Vapor) sensors. 

Honeywell water heater flammable vapor sensor lockout

In case the FV sensor detects any flammable products near your heater, it will prevent the ignition possibility of the unit by going into lockout mode. FV sensors also lock out when the sensor becomes damaged.


Honeywell heater FVS lockout reset is the prime solution to the above issue. You need to replace the damaged FV sensor when it doesn’t get out of the lockout mode even after resetting it. 

7. Heater Overheating

Another dangerous problem with your heater is overheating. Your heater overheating can result in a burn or scald in the household. Moreover, your heater can permanently damage if it frequently gets too hot. 

However, too high-temperature settings, thermostat malfunction, and shorted-out heating elements are the potential culprits to blame for this hitch. 


Before your too-hot Honeywell water heater creates any major hitch, you must fix it immediately. The simple resolving ways are:

  • First off, check the temperature setting. When the temp is too high, simply adjust the temperature to the lower setting. 
  • Secondly, inspect the heating element of your heater and replace the lousy one. It’s not uncommon that a defective thermostat can cause your heater to overheat. Therefore, check the thermostat also and replace the damaged one. 

8. Heater Knob Stuck

The knob in your heater is in a stuck situation may be because you are incorrectly turning the knob; who knows. If you ever feel the knob is not working, don’t force the knob to turn. By doing so, the knob can get stuck in the On/Off/Pilot position. 

honeywell water heater knob stuck

Also, due to the improper safety mechanism, stiff knob, or spiders in the pilot line, the knob can get stuck. 


If your Honeywell water heater knob is stuck on the side, we recommend you push the knob straight down to fix it. Still, the knob remains in the same position? Then follow the ways below:

  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions, turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Avoid turning the knob forcefully
  • Unscrew the pilot line, properly clean it or replace it
  • Ensure the safety mechanism of the unit is working properly

Note: Don’t use any oil to fix the stuck knob. Using oil will ruin the valve and damage the seal.

9. Honeywell Water Heater Leaking

Your Honeywell water heater can leak from the bottom or front due to the improperly maintained drain valve. The sediment contains different chemicals and salt. 

 Honeywell water heater leaking

Sediment build-up at your water tank bottom leads to premature rusting. And thus your water heater can leak. However, the other accountable factors that cause leaking in your heater are:

  • Lose drain valve, or valve is not closed completely.
  • T & P valve malfunction.
  • Improper water draining system.


Inspect your water heater and detect from which part it is leaking water. Then solve this trouble by following the quick resolving ways below:

  • Slightly tighten the drain valve using the pipe wrench. Don’t over-tighten it. And make sure the valve is completely closed.
  • Replace the lousy temperature and pressure relief valve.
  • Maintain a cleaning routine and periodically clean your water heater.

10. Error Codes

Flashing the status light at different times in your heater signals different meanings. Not all the flashing necessarily indicates a problem with your heater. In fact, the unit also may blink the status light during its normal operation. 

Honeywell water heater error codes

Now, we will explain the meaning of different error codes on your heater. Take a look at it:

  • 1 flash every 3 seconds = Normal operation 
  • 2 flashes = Low thermopile voltage 
  • 4 flashes = Temperature cut-out limit reached 
  • 5 flashes = Failed water temperature sensor 
  • 6 flashes = Accessory module detects the tank leakage 
  • 7 flashes = Electronics failure 
  • 8 flashes = The control fails to see power decaying with the knob in the Off position

We presented different error codes for your Honeywell heater shortly for your quick understanding. But there are several reasons for each code. And their solutions are also easy. 

Luckily we have covered a guide on your Honeywell hot water heater status light blinking. So, you can go through it in case you want to learn more about it. 


How do I reset my Honeywell water heater?

Turn on the pilot, and for 10 seconds, switch the Pilot dial to “Very Hot.” Then for 10 seconds, switch the dial to “Hot.” And again, for 10 seconds, change it to “Pilot.”

What does blue light on the Honeywell water heater mean?

Honeywell water heater blue light means the battery charge of the unit reduces to below 10%. It also implies RAM loaded over 90% and the battery life reduced to 15% or less.

How do I know if my water heater thermostat is bad?

If your Honeywell water heater thermostat is bad, your heater will produce no hot water or enough hot water. Also, the lower thermostat malfunction causes slow hot water recovery.

How do I know if the gas valve is bad on my water heater?

The malfunctioning gas valve of your Honeywell water heater will lead to different problems. Some difficulties caused by bad valves are gas leaks, heater totally shutting down, heater stopping working, blinks error codes, etc.

Does the Honeywell thermostat have a reset button?

There is no particular reset button on your Honeywell water heater digital thermostat.

Final Words

So, throughout this Honeywell water heater troubleshooting guide, we well-explained all the major hitches and their solutions. Hopefully, if your heater goes through any of the above trouble, you will fix it yourself. 

Comment and tell us whether you successfully solved your Honeywell heater issue or not. If not, we will guide you.

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