RV Water Heater Switch Not Working [5 Easy Fixes]

Your RV water heater switch not working means your heater won’t operate, and you won’t get hot water. The culprits that make the switch non-functioning are a defective or dirty switch and the switch losing contact with key wires. Also, the other factors to blame for this hitch are a stuck switch and loose connectors in the switch. 

RV water heater

So, for any of these factors, your RV heater switch can refuse to function anytime. But the good news is you can quickly fix these issues following our suggested approaches. 

Now, don’t waste time and thoroughly read this article to learn those quick resolving ways. 

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RV Water Heater Switch Not Working [5 Easy Fixes]

The major reasons for which your water heater switch becomes non-functioning and their quick solutions are: 

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1. Switch Malfunction

The malfunctioning switch cuts power to your heater. And thus, your RV water heater can’t produce enough hot water. The switch stops working correctly due to its damaged contacts or loose wiring connections.  

Also, the defective electrical connection, shorted heating elements, overheated switch, and overloaded circuit are the other culprits to blame for this hitch. 


First off, check your water heater’s switch to understand whether it is malfunctioning or not. If so, we recommend you replace the defective switch. 

However, after replacing the switch, again, the new switch can become worse due to a faulty electrical connection. So, your next job is to check your heater’s electrical connections, circuit board, and heating elements. 

If you find anything bad, replace that one. In case you are not electronically inclined, then it’s better to contact an expert to deal with electrical issues. 

How To Check Your RV Water Heater Faulty Switch

We already told you to check the switch first to ensure whether it is non-functioning or not. Therefore, as an extension of that suggestion, we will here explain how you can check your RV water heater’s switch. So, to test the switch, follow the easy steps below: 

 remove the plastic clips

Step 1: First, start the process by turning on your RV water heater. Then go near your water heater’s exterior panel and remove the panel’s plate.

Step 2: Now locate your heater’s switch and be ready to remove it (The switch via the plastic clips is held in a particular place. Therefore, removing the switch is not tough. Be careful while removing the button as the clip can break due to extreme force.)

Step 3: Now, it’s time to test your water heater switch’s continuity using the multimeter. Finally, 0 continuity means the switch is malfunctioning. In case, after testing the switch, you find the 0 continuity, we recommend you replace the lousy switch 

2. Dirt Build Up In Switch Inside

If your RV water heater switch is located outside of your RV, the switch can get dirty. The dirt accumulation in your water heater switch inside makes the switch non-functioning. 

However, the switch becomes filthy when you don’t clean it properly or use it too frequently. 


When your RV water heater switch suddenly stops working, we recommend you clean its dirt. Cleaning the switch is very easy. Just take out the button and adequately clean it using a soft cloth.

3. Switch’s Loose Contact With Key Wires

Your RV water heater switch works in connection with your heater’s several key wires. The switch stops functioning when its connection becomes loose with your heater’s key cables. Using the switch for a long time can cause loose contact with key wires. 


The simple way to solve the above trouble is to check your RV water heater switch connection with the other key wires. And ensure the cables and switch are tightly joined together.

4. Stuck Switch

Your RV water heater switch is not operating because the switch is stuck in on/off or in a particular position. The stuck switch remains stiffly placed and doesn’t move from one position to another, or even the switch doesn’t move back a bit. 

stuck switch 

The frozen switch can’t follow the command. And therefore, it stops working or becomes inoperable. 


Replacing the stuck switch is the prime way to settle this hitch. But as long as you don’t replace your heater’s stuck switch, we strongly recommend you use the breaker at your heater’s power panel.

Another important note for you is during the switch replacement, turn off the breaker. 

5. Fried Or Loose Connectors

The loose or fried connector of your RV heater switch hinders its functioning. The connectors jointly create electrical circuits in the controller. And then your heater’s switch functions perfectly. 

However, voltage fluctuations, power surges, or improper receiving of power are the potential causes that make the connectors fried or loose. 


When suddenly your water heater switch is not working, we recommend you to check the connectors in the switch. However, you better replace the entire switch when the connectors become faulty or loose. 


Is there a reset button on an RV hot water heater?

Yes! There is a reset button on an RV hot water heater. Usually, the reset button is red. And it is located behind the removable metal panel or near your heater’s thermostat.

Why is my RV water heater not heating the water?

Your RV hot water heater is not heating the water, mainly due to the low or empty propane tank, faulty thermostat, defective on/off switch, and other malfunctioning heating elements.  

How do I know if my RV water heater element is bad?

On your RV water heater, touch each screw on the element with the multi-tester. The lousy element will give you no reading or maximum reading. However, the standard reading is 10-16 ohms. To fix this issue replace your heater element

Why does my RV water heater only lukewarm?

Your RV water heater is only lukewarm because of the damaged or broken dip tube, thermostat malfunction, too low water temperature setting, or heater’s lousy heating elements. 

Final Thought

Hopefully, after going through the above-detailed guide, now you know why your RV water heater switches not working. When your heater switch stops functioning, find out which culprit is responsible for it and then fix the issue by yourself. 

Comment if you have any other queries on your RV water heater switch. We will soon reply to you. 

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