Dometic Water Heater Blowing Fuse [7 Easy Fixes]

Dometic water heater blowing fuse mainly due to the tripped circuit breaker, malfunctioning control board, and loose wiring connection. Plus the other responsible factors are overheating heater, the problem between the fuse panel and switch, thermal fuse malfunction, etc. 

However, whatever the issues are, we will explain all the reasons responsible for the above hitches and their easy fixing ways. 

dometic water heater blowing fuse

So, keep reading this comprehensive guide till the end. And you will undoubtedly learn to fix your heater’s blowing fuse by yourself. 

Dometic Water Heater Blowing Fuse [7 Easy Fixes]

The major factors responsible for your Dometic water heater fuse blowing and the quick solutions that correspond to each problem are: 

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1. Tripped Circuit Breaker

The tripping circuit breaker is not an uncommon thing. And it is responsible for going out your heater fuse. The tripping breaker also causes wiring overheating and potential electrical fire in your water heater. 

However, the circuit breaker is tripping, maybe because water is dripping on your heater’s electrical lines or there is a water leak in your heater. Also, some more factors to be blamed are: 

  • The faulty internal heating element
  • Worn-out breaker itself 
  • Short circuit
  • Lousy internal wiring


When you see your Dometic water heater’s circuit breaker is tripping, don’t attempt to flip the breaker back. Flipping the breaker can cause an electrical fire or damage to your heater. So, our recommended solution is first to check your water heater’s overall wiring condition and then take action. 

Start by replacing the bad wires in case there are any, and tighten the loose wire connection. Also, check the water leak and ensure water is not dripping on your heater’s electrical line. 

Then move one step further and test your heater’s different elements. If any component is bad, we suggest you replace the internal heating elements, breaker, or wires immediately.

Note: If you are a professional and experienced electrical person, fixing the tipping circuit breaker hitch will be easy for you. However, for a non-electrical background person, it’s better to contact an expert professional. 

2. Defective Control Board

Your water heater keeps blowing the fuse also due to the control board malfunction. Your water heater’s spark probe receives a signal from the control board to ignite the propane gas and heat the water. This board performs the necessary function to turn on and keep running your Dometic water heater. 

dometic water heater defective control board 

However, the control board becomes bad simply due to voltage fluctuations, its damaged internal components, or a lousy wiring connection. Also, power surges, damaged transistors, and burnt-out electrical heating elements are equally responsible for this hitch. 


When your Dometic water heater is not working, and its fuses keep blowing, we recommend you check your heater’s main control board. In case it is the culprit, replace the board. The other easy ways to fix the above troubles are: 

  • Check your heater’s voltage fluctuation issue and make sure your heater is getting the correct voltage. 
  • Tighten the control board’s internal wiring connection. Also, ensure no high-pitched squeal comes from your heater’s control board. 
  • Finally, check and replace the board’s faulty internal parts, defective wiring connections, lousy transistors, and heater’s burnt-out electrical heating elements. 

3. Loose Wiring Connection

Several wires connect your heater’s internal heating components and fuse. Now when any of these wires become loose or defective, your heater will not work correctly. 

dometic water heater loose wiring connection

However, a loose wire connection results in an over or under-electricity supply in your Dometic water heater. And thus, your heater fuse blows frequently. 


The simple way to solve the above problem is to first look for your heater’s loose or damaged wiring connection. Then tighten the loose wire or replace the lousy wire. 

In case you are not an expert or fear dealing with electricity, it’s better to contact a professional electrician to fix this issue. 

4. Inadequate Power Supply In The Heater

Your water heater’s 2 amp fuse is blowing continuously because the unit is not getting an adequate power supply to operate. However, the unit is failing to get sufficient power may be because its internal heating elements are malfunctioning or the wiring connection is bad. 

Also, the other culprits to blame for this are the short circuit or ground fault, thermostat failure to receive power, and tripping the high-temperature limit switch. 


220/240 volts is the approximate proper voltage for your Dometic water heater. So, first, you must ensure your heater gets the correct voltage and operates smoothly. When your heater fails to receive the appropriate voltage, you must check its other parts for damage. 

One by one, inspect the wiring connection, internal heating elements, thermostat, and high-temperature limit switch. Then, if you find any part is bad, you must replace it immediately. 

5. Heater Overheating

An overheated heater not only causes a non-functioning fuse but also produces too much hot water that is unusable. The potential causes of overheating heaters are:  

  • Defective thermostat 
  • Bad mixing valve or stuck pressure relief valve 
  • Too high-temperature setting 
  • Shorted heating elements 


First, check your heater’s thermostat, pressure relief valve, and other internal heating elements. Then replace the bad one. Secondly, inspect your heater’s temperature setting and make sure it’s not too high. 

6. Fuse Panel And Switch Problem

Issues or incorrect feed between your heater fuse panel and switch cause the blowing thermal fuse. Due to the fuse panel hitch, your heater circuit breaker goes into the Off position. And this leads to the ultimate fuse problem. 


First off, check your heater fuse panel and trace the board and switch’s wire connection. Ensure the board and switch’s wire connection is working fine. Afterward, inspect the feed from your heater’s fuse panel to switch. And finally, disconnect the switch. 

7. Malfunctioning Thermal Fuse

The defective thermal fuse itself is one of the major culprits for which it goes out continuously. The faulty thermal fuse is a failed heating element that hinders your water heater’s hot water production. 

The possible causes to consider for thermal fuse malfunction are: 

  • Overheating heater 
  • Old wire’s loose connection 
  • Thermal fuse drawing excessive current 
  • Too high-temperature setting 


To settle the above troubles first, we recommend you turn off your Dometic water heater’s electrical power. And then check the thermal fuse in your heater. Also, inspect whether your heater’s electric heating elements are getting power properly or not. 

However, you must ensure that your heater is not overheating. Therefore, move forward and check your heater’s wiring connection only if you are electrically inclined. Otherwise, it’s better to contact an electrician. 

Afterward, check your heater’s temperature setting and ensure it’s not high. And finally, make sure the unit’s thermal fuse is not charging extreme current behind its capacity. If the fuse does so, we suggest you replace it. 


How do I know if my water heater thermostat is bad?

No hot water, not enough hot water, hot water running out too quickly, or hot water’s slow recovery gives you the signal that your Dometic water heater thermostat is bad. 

Is there a reset button on the Dometic water heater?

Yes! There is a red color reset button on your Dometic water heater. This reset button is located at the center of the limit switch or just at the water heater thermostat above. 

Why does my hot water heater igniter not ignite?

Your water heater igniter is not igniting mainly due to the faulty igniter itself, the igniter not getting sufficient voltage, a loose wiring connection, and damaged heating elements. 

Wrap up

So, optimistically the above ultimate guide was helpful for you to develop a crystal clear idea of why your Dometic water heater blows the fuse. If you face the same problem, following our guidelines mentioned above, fix the fuse by yourself. 

However, don’t forget to comment and let us know whether you successfully fix your heater’s fuse-blowing issue or not. We will soon reply to you. 

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