Why Lasko Heater Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]

Your Lasko heater won’t turn on because of not being plugged properly, a faulty power outlet, a damaged circuit breaker, temperature issue, overheating problem, heater becoming dirty, or a broken heat tube.

Your Lasko heater may not run due to one or multiple reasons. Keep reading this article where we’ll discuss the most common issues with your Lasko heater in detail.

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Lasko Heater Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]

Try these troubleshooting shooting techniques to get your Lasko heater up and running again.

reasons behind your lasko heater not turning on

We’ll discuss the problems why your Lasko ceramic heater won’t turn on and share the appropriate solutions for these problems.

1. Not Being Plugged Properly

It seems like a basic thing. Your Lasko heater beeps but doesn’t turn on if it’s poorly plugged in. The plug can get loose at times and stop working.

lasko heater not correctly plugged in


Check that the heater is fully plugged into the electrical socket. Make sure that the power plug isn’t being held down by another object. It should be free from any kind of strain.

2. Faulty Power Outlet

A faulty power outlet could be the reason why your Lasko heater tower won’t work. You can check this by plugging another device into the same outlet.

faulty power outlet

If both the devices don’t work, it means the power outlet is damaged.


You can get the outlet replaced if you like the current position of your heater. It’ll require the help of a technician to do that. You can also take the heater elsewhere and connect it to a functional electrical outlet.

3. Damaged Circuit Breaker

It’s common for circuit breakers to get tripped when powering a heavy device like a heater. A blown fuse may also be responsible for your Lasko heater not turning on.

damaged circuit breaker


Make sure that power is being transferred to the heater. Reset the circuit breaker if it is tripped to get it working again.

Replace the blown fuse with a new one. Get the help of a technician if you can’t do it on your own.

4. Temperature Issue

Most models of the Lasko heater come with an internal thermostat. It won’t turn on if the temperature of the room matches or exceeds the preset temperature of the thermostat. 

temperature issue


The purpose of the thermostat is to heat up your room. If you want the room to be hotter, check if you’ve selected the high-heat option.

The heater won’t turn on if it is already at maximum heat and the room matches the temperature. You can wait for the room to cool down to turn on the heater again.

If you’re not using the maximum heat, raise the settings and turn up the heat to maximum. It’ll get your heater running if there are no other issues.

5. Overheating Problem

The Lasko heater will turn off to cool down if thermal overload protection is selected. It could be the reason why the heater keeps shutting off.

overheating problem

Don’t turn off this feature as it prevents the heaters from causing fire hazards.


Let the device rest and cool down if it’s already hot. You need to reset the device if you want it to turn on again.

Unplug the device from the power socket and let it cool for ten minutes. It’ll reset your heater and get it back to the normal temperature.

Take the heater to an open area where there is plenty of air if you want to make this process faster. Turn on the heater after ten minutes and see if it’s working again.

6. Dirty Heater

A heater becomes dirty after repetitive use. A dirty heater will cause problems for you. The build-up of dirt can cause the heater to become overheated. You should clean the heater at least once every two weeks. 

dirty heater

A clogged filter in a heater can cause a plethora of problems. It’s one of the most common reasons why your heater won’t turn on.

Your heater may run for a few minutes and automatically shut off if the filter is dirty.


Disconnect the heater from the power outlet. Use a vacuum cleaner with attached brushes to clean the heater. Pull the dust out of the heater. Take a dry cloth and wipe the front, back, and sides of the heater using it.

Use an old toothbrush to brush away resistant dust particles that won’t come off easily. Clean the inside and the outside of the heater with care. Plug the heater into the power outlet and turn it back on. It should work now.

7. Broken Heat Tube

Heaters require a heat tube to function properly. This heated tube is prone to be damaged because of thermal changes. Your heater will not work if the tube gets broken or cracked.


Broken heat tubes cannot be fixed. If a broken heart tube is causing the problem, you have to replace it. Get on the phone with a technician from Lasko and get them to replace it.

How To Reset Lasko Heater

Already you know, to fix many issues with your You know that you’ve to reset your heater but you can’t find a Lasko heater reset button on the device.

lasko heater

There is no reset button but you can do it manually. Turn off the device and let it cool for ten to fifteen minutes. It’ll automatically reset the device.


Why does my Lasko heater create loud noises?

The heater can make a loud noise if the fan isn’t attached properly. The fan could be hitting objects that are close to it. Tighten the screw of the fan so that the fan doesn’t make that noise.

Why does my Lasko heater keep shutting off?

Your heater keeps shutting off because of overheating, build-up of dirt, or a blown fuse. Getting these issues fixed will ensure that your heater doesn’t keep shutting off.

Why is there a fuse in the Lasko heater?

Having a fuse protects your heater from being overpowered. Without a fuse, there wouldn’t be any safety mechanism to prevent your device from overheating and causing a fire accident.

Why is my Lasko heater blinking lights and shutting off?

If this is happening to you, your heater is probably filled with dust. Clean the filter of your heater as well as your heater. That should do the trick to get your heater started!

Why has my Lasko heater suddenly stopped working?

The most common reason for your heater to stop working suddenly is a blown-out fuse. Check for blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers. Fix these issues and try turning the heater back on again.


You know the reasons why your Lasko heater won’t turn on. If you’ve followed these steps and the problem remains, there could be a bigger issue. For example, your heater may also not work if the control panel is damaged.

There’s no other option but to get help if that happens. Reach out to Lasko and ask a technician to come and look at your problem.

We hope this guide has helped you and your heater is working again. Leave a comment below and let us if the tips have helped you stay warm and cozy in your room. Reach out to us if you have any questions!

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  1. I have a Lasko 5538 heater which has been reliably working until it doesn’t. I plug the heater in and there is no beep and 2 light flash and the controls do nothing, just the high/low and the clock images blinking. Any recommendations?

    • Hi Mike

      To fix the issue, first, ensure you plug your heater into a wall outlet that is in good condition.

      Then, check the circuit breaker, temperature issue, overheating problem, dirty heater, or broken heat tube one after one & fix the faulty one following the solution guide in the article.

      Hopefully, your heater issue will be solved.

      Wish you all the best!


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