Dyna Glo Propane Heater Troubleshooting [9 Easy Fixes]

No one wants to face trouble while using their Dyna Glo Propane heater. But unfortunately, heater users often combat various problems. And to solve those hitches, the user requires this Dyna Glo propane heater troubleshooting guide. 

dyna glo propane heater

However, this guide has the solution to your heater’s major issues, like:

  • The heater won’t light 
  • The fire goes out intermittently
  • No spark at the ODS pilot
  • The heater won’t shut off 
  • Low pilot flame etc.

We bet whatever major problem you face in using your heater, you will be able to solve it following this guide. So, read sharply till the end!

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Dyna Glo Propane Heater Troubleshooting [9 Easy Fixes]

This troubleshooting guide will explain all the factors responsible for your Dyna Glo heater’s major hitches. So, now let’s go through those causes and their solutions.

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1. Heater Won’t Light

You may often experience that your heater won’t light. You have pressed the control knob, turned the pilot counterclockwise, and depressed the Piezo but still, your heater’s pilot doesn’t light. 

dyna glo heater won't light 

This hitch occurs primarily when your heater won’t get gas because the gas supply is turned off. Also, the other reasons are the control knob is not in the pilot position, or while in the pilot position, you didn’t press the control knob.

Moreover, the clogged ODS pilot and air in the gas lines are the other culprits to blame for this issue.


First, check your heater’s gas supply and ensure it is on. Afterward, confirm that your heater is getting sufficient gas supply. Then inspect the control knob and turn it to the pilot position. 

And make sure while in the pilot position, you press the control knob. Next, we suggest you remove the ODS pilot clog and ensure there is no air in the gas lines.  

2. Heater Keeps Shutting Off

Your heater’s ODS pilot lights, but the flame goes out after releasing the control knob. One potential reason for it can be you didn’t press the control knob long enough.

heater keeps shutting off

However, the other factors for which your heater keeps turning off are: 

  • Triggered safety interlock.
  • Damaged thermocouple and gas control valve.  
  • At the gas control valve, the thermocouple’s connection is loose.

Along with the above causes, your heater can go through this trouble when the pilot flame fails to touch the thermocouple. Or the partially clogged ODS pilot orifice can cause it also. 


Begin to fix this problem by taking your eye on the pilot light. After lighting the ODS pilot, approximately for 30 seconds, keep pressing the control knob. Then wait a minute, and your heater will repeat the ignition operation.

If you are an expert, then deal with the triggered safety interlock and clogged ODS pilot orifice. But, in case you are not mechanically inclined, we recommend contacting your gas supplier or Gas Company to fix it.

However, the next task is to replace the damaged gas control valve and thermocouple. Before replacing the thermocouple, try to tighten it and see if the hitch becomes fixed or not. 

Using the hand, tight the thermocouple until snug, and then using a wrench, tighten it by ¼ turn. Another fact that you must ensure is the pilot flame is touching the thermocouple.

3. No Spark At ODS Pilot

Another issue you may encounter is your heater’s igniter is depressed, but there is no spark at the ODS pilot. The possible causes are wrongly positioned or damaged igniter electrodes and pinched igniter cables.

no spark at ODS pilot

Also, the other factors hindering sparking in the ODS pilot are defective igniter and igniter cable and electrode disconnection.


So, start fixing your heater’s ODS pilot issues by repositioning the igniter electrode. If repositioning doesn’t solve the hitch, that means the electrode is faulty. And you must replace it. 

Next, check the igniter cable, and free it when it is pinched. And replace the damaged one. Finally, connect the cable to the electrode.  

4. Heater Won’t Turn Off

Suddenly you can experience that your heater operates continuously and won’t shut off. It is a sign that your heater has become unresponsive.

heater won't turn off

The reasons behind this are: 

  • Faulty blower motor switch. 
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Thermostat’s lowest temperature setting
  • Dirty or leaky air filter 

Along with all these above factors, the lousy wiring and broken heating elements are other culprits to blame. 


When your propane heater runs continuously, you must fix this hitch ASAP for your safety. The constant running of your heater can cause fire, explosion, or severe damage. 

However, to tackle this, firstly, replace your heater’s lousy blower motor switch. Then we suggest you visibly inspect the thermostat’s temperature setting and adjust it to room temperature. 

In case the thermostat is defective and the setting temperature is not working, you must replace it. The next task is to clean the air filter and repair its leak correctly. Also, we recommend you check the wiring and replace the bad wiring. 

5. No Heat From The Heater

If your heater ever stops producing heat, it’s a major concerning issue, and you must not overlook it.

no heat from the heater 

Several factors are accountable for this, including the following:

  • Damaged or dirty thermocouple. 
  • Excessive distance between flame and thermocouple. 
  • Overfilled or empty gas canisters. 

Sometimes the clogged pilot tube also hinders your heater from producing heat. 


First, we recommend you check and clean the dirty thermocouple and replace the damaged one. Then, after installing the new thermocouple, adjust its distance with flame.

Secondly, ensure an adequate gas supply to your heater. And make sure the fuel tank is neither empty nor overfilled. Finally, remove the pilot tube’s clog by cleaning it.

6. Low Pilot Flame

Low flame in the pilot light is another trouble you may face while using your Dyna Glo propane heater.

low pilot flame

The primary causes behind it are: 

  • Low or insufficient gas pressure.
  • Improper pilot adjustment. 
  • Dirt or debris builds up in the burner orifice. 


For producing a strong pilot flame, your heater requires a constant gas supply. Therefore, check the gas supply and ensure proper gas pressure for the pilot light. 

Then replace your heater’s malfunctioning main burner and adjust the pilot properly. Finally, clean the burner orifice and remove the clog. 

7. ODS Pilot Is Lit, But Burner Doesn’t Light

Your heater’s ODS pilot is lit, but the burner fails to light, it’s another difficult situation that you can experience.

The potential causes can be the clogged burner orifice or the very low gas pressure. 


The easy way to fix your heater’s burner hitch is to clean the burner orifice. And you must ensure that your heater is getting sufficient gas pressure. 

8. Delayed Ignition

The clogged main burner carry-over ports can delay your heater’s ignition system. Also, due to the low gas supply pressure, your heater can’t get enough fuel to ignite, and it causes delayed ignition. 


Clean the burner ports to ensure your heater’s proper ignition. After cleaning the burner ports, even if the ignition is delayed, then be sure that your heater’s gas supply pressure is low. Dealing with gas is risky. 

Therefore it’s better to contact the gas supplier to correct your heater’s gas supply pressure.

9. Heater Makes A Whistling Noise

Your heater burner is lit, and in this situation, your heater is producing a whistling noise.

heater makes a whistling noise 

Mainly the unit can do so due to the blocked air passageways or air in the gas line. 


First off, inspect the minimum installation clearances and your heater’s air passageways for debris. Secondly, bleed the air from the gas line. Finally, we recommend you operate the burner until the air in the gas line is completely purged. 

How To Troubleshoot Thermocouple

From the above discussion, it’s clear that in almost all problems, the common culprit is a defective thermocouple.

For this device malfunction, your Dyna Glo propane heater stops working. Thus, here we will present a little guide on thermocouple troubleshooting in this section.

Cause Of Thermocouple Malfunction

Constant use of thermocouples over an extensive period is one of the main reasons for their malfunction.

thermocouple malfunction

Also, the thermocouple stops working for the following causes:

  • Obstruction or dirt build-up in the pilot tube.
  • Big pilot flame.
  • The thermocouple is not getting enough voltage.
  • The sharp flame is adjusted with the pilot flame.


Replacing the malfunctioning thermocouple is the only way to solve this issue. However, replacing your heater’s thermocouple at home will save money and be more convenient. 

Following the five simple steps below, you can replace your heater’s faulty thermocouple. The steps are:

Step 1: First, turn off your heater’s gas supply for safety purposes. Also, ensure that there is no gas leakage in it.

Step 2: Now unscrew your heater’s thermocouple using a screwdriver. Then also, unscrew the main burner and pilot light. Afterward, remove the heater’s burner assembly by unscrewing its front cover.

Step 3: Remove your heater’s old defective thermocouple. In this step, install a new thermocouple to the bracket by detaching the wire and attaching the screw.

Step 4: Turn on your heater’s gas supply to check out the new thermocouple. If it starts working fine, it’s time to wrap up the replacement process.


How do you light a Dyna Glo propane heater?

First, to light this heater, turn the propane tank’s control knob valve counterclockwise and open it. Now push your heater’s knob to “Light” or “Start.” Then unlock your heater’s propane tank by pressing it back and holding it. Now the unit will receive gas. 

How do I know if my propane heater needs replacing?

Your heater’s pilot light is constantly burning, sparking when the valve is open, the heater won’t light, and the standing pilot light is not working are the signs that your heater needs replacement.

How many BTUs does a propane heater have?

Liquid propane heaters generally have 30,000 BTU and can efficiently heat up to 750 square feet of space. 

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this Dyna Glo propane heater troubleshooting guide has been helpful to you. Now you know your heater’s main problems and their simple solutions. 

So, you will now figure out and solve your heater’s issues quickly by yourself. Mention in the comment box whether you succeed or not. We are willing to hear from you.

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16 thoughts on “Dyna Glo Propane Heater Troubleshooting [9 Easy Fixes]”

  1. After heater lights there is a pinging sound for about 10 seconds.
    Almost sounds like an expansion and contraction of metal. I have already had the propane company clean heater (charged $180.)
    Solution – heater only 2 yrs old.

    • Hi Catherine

      Generally, a propane heater produces a pinging sound due to an improper mixture of air/gas. However, if you get the flames are white-blue or yellow instead of blue with yellow tips, then, there is a gas/air mixture problem.

      Well, to fix the issue, first, try to adjust the air/gas mixture.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from the Dyna Glo customer support center. And must check for warranty coverage as your unit is 2 years old.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Best of luck!

  2. We just brought this DYNA-GLO 30,000 btu propane heater. It worked fine at first but when we go from low ton high it doesn’t change at all. Any idea why ?

    • Hi Richard

      To fix your Dyna Glo propane heater heating issue, first, clean the pilot assembly, ensure adequate gas supply to the heater, adjust the distance between the thermocouple & flame & make sure the pilot tube is clogged-free.

      Well, if you get the thermocouple faulty, you need to replace it.

      Hopefully, you’ll get the solution.

      Best of luck!

  3. i have a 30000 btu propane wall mount heater the piolet lights easy but when I turn up to a little over one it will light up burner after about a minute of running you will hear a one click noise in top of heater and everything shuts off including pilot . it has worked fine for last 4 years

    • Hi William Carroll

      To fix your heater shutting-off issue, first, clean the pilot light & thermocouple. Plus, ensure the thermocouple is closer to the flame.

      Hope, the heater issue will be solved.

      Best of luck!

  4. My dyna glow 30,000 btu blue flame heater does not burn all the way across the burner some of the orifices are not burning i blowed the burner out but didn’t help can you help please?

    • Hi Larry

      As cleaning the burner doesn’t resolve the issue, clean the pilot assembly too. In such cases, blowing compressed air is a good idea to clean. Plus, ensure sufficient gas flow.

      If it doesn’t work, it would be wise to contact the Dyna Glow customer support center.

      Best of luck!

  5. My dyna glo heater is not burning all the way on the burner I blowed it out and cleaned with a brush but still not burning all the way across the burner

  6. I have a 4 squares on my heater and one of the squares is blue flames. The other 3 are glowing like they should. We replaced the regulator and propane tank, with no change. Everything else works fine.


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