Dimplex Electric Fireplace Problems [9 Easy Fixes]

Dimplex is one of the best brands of electric fireplaces on the market. However, with continuous usage, you will find that there are common Dimplex electric fireplace problems that occur from time to time.

The blower not working, the fireplace shutting off automatically, not turning on, producing no heat, the flame effect not working, error codes popping up, unusual noise from the furnace, the remote not working, and thermostat issues are all Dimplex electric fireplace common problems.

Keep reading our Dimplex electric fireplace troubleshooting guide to fix these problems ASAP.

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Dimplex Electric Fireplace Problems [9 Easy Fixes]

In this section, we elaborate on the issues we mentioned above and provide you with the simplest solutions.

1. Blower Not Working

Dimplex electric fireplace blower not working is a common issue. The wiring can get damaged, causing your heater blower to not run. The furnace filter may be dirty, the capacitor may have stopped functioning or your heater motor has gone bad. 


First, check to see whether the power cable has melted or if a fuse has blown. If your cords appear to be in good condition, unplug the fan for several minutes before plugging it back in.

This procedure can sometimes reset the blower motor and resolve your heater troubles.

Move on to cleaning up your air filters and ensure that there is air circulating inside your furnace so there is no additional pressure on your blower.

If your blower is humming and getting power but won’t run. You may need to replace the capacitor. In case there is no humming sound coming from the blower at all when getting power, the entire motor is faulty and needs replacement.

2. Shuts Off Automatically

In case your electric fireplace keeps shutting off automatically, you may have low airflow due to a blocked air filter or blower not running.

Other than that, the thermostat could be faulty. Sometimes, your fireplace may cycle off quickly due to it being too big for your home.


Here’s what to do when Dimplex electric fireplace turns on by itself.

  • Ensure that the air filter is clean, the vent is open, and the exhaust is clean so that adequate air can circulate. Check that the blower is running. 
  • Next, inspect the thermostat. It may need new batteries or have a fault in its wiring. If not, test the thermostat with a multimeter for continuity. Replace if necessary. 
  • Another common culprit is that your heater is actually too large for your home. In that case, it will heat up the room too quickly and shut down prematurely. You will need to replace the entire fireplace if this is the case.

3. Won’t Turn On

Dimplex electric fireplace with no power when it is plugged in can mean that the circuit breaker has tripped or safety switches can be triggered. You could also have a faulty thermostat or control board. 


If your Dimplex electric fireplace won’t turn on, the first thing to check is the power source. Your heater may have tripped the circuit breaker due to overloading. Reset the circuit breaker to restore power.

Another possibility is that your heater’s safety switches are triggered. The high-limit switch shuts off the heater when it is overheated. Ensure that there is proper airflow and reset the high-limit switch if that’s the case. 

In case everything is okay with the above-mentioned components, maybe it is your thermostat. Test your thermostat for continuity. It may need replacing.

After that, check the control board. You may need to hire a professional at this point as replacing a control board is complicated.

4. No Heat

Dimplex electric fireplace not heating even when the heater is getting power can be caused by a faulty blower, a heater going through a cool-down cycle, or a faulty heating coil.


If your Dimplex electric fireplace won’t heat, make sure it is turned clockwise to the highest possible heating setting. You may have an issue with some internal control components if the heat doesn’t come on at this point.

Ensure that the blower is working. The blower pushes out warm air from the fireplace into the room. When it is not running, your heater won’t produce heat. It could also be that your heater has overheated and now going through a cool-down cycle.

In this case, the blower will blow out cool air into the room. You don’t need to do anything if this is happening. Your heater is supposed to do that from time to time. It will be fine. 

Another possibility is that the heating coils are not working anymore. You can test them with a multimeter and replace them if necessary. Hopefully, this will fix the issue when Dimplex electric fireplace stopped heating.

5. Flame Effect Not Working

Your Dimplex electric fireplace light not working can be blamed on the following factors:

  • The wiring isn’t secure.
  • Faulty flicker motor.
  • It’s possible that the LED driver board is faulty.


Here’s what you should do when you are facing the issue of the Dimplex electric fireplace flame not working.

  • Inspect the wiring for any loose connections. If you find any, ensure that the wire connections are secured tightly now.
  • You may need to get a new flicker motor or LED driver circuit board if they are defective.

6. Error Codes

There are some common Dimplex electric fireplace error codes that users have to struggle with more frequently. We will look over some of them in this section.

i). Error Code E1

When your temperature sensor has a short or open circuit, this error message will pop up. This error is caused by wiring mistakes, faulty PCB, or a bad sensor.


First, check the connection between the PCB and the temperature sensor for any loose wiring or incorrect placement. Correct any issues as needed.

With a multimeter, measure the resistance of the sensor. Replace the sensor if necessary. Afterward, if the error still persists, you need to replace the main PCB. 

Here’s a  video to help you through this process. 

ii). Error Code E4

This error code shows up when you have a full internal water container.


All you need to do is drain the water. Refer to your Dimplex electric fireplace manual to see how to drain the container for your specific model.

iii). Error Code E41

E41 indicates that your fireplace’s heating element has failed.


Check the continuity of the heating elements with a multimeter. You may need to replace the heating elements. Ensure to get the same model as the original.

iv). Error Codes E30-34

They all are an indication of overheated heater components.


You need to unplug your heater and let it cool for 15 minutes before replugging it and starting it up. This will reset and cool down your Dimplex electric fireplace. 

7. Fireplace Making Noises

Dimplex electric fireplace making noise is a common issue faced by users. Based on the nature of the sound, the likely causes can be identified.  It is most commonly related to the blower.


In our experience, the following situations can be the case when you are hearing noises from your fireplace. 

  • Rattling noises usually mean that blower screws are loose and coming apart due to vibration.
  • A buzzing sound is indicative of a bad flame speed control module when coming from the control panel.
  • A dirty blower can cause whirring noises.
  • If you hear grinding noises, it is probably a damaged flame rod.
  • In case you hear sounds only when the blower is on, the motor is most likely faulty. 

Inspect the cause of the noise and fix it accordingly. 

8. Remote Not Working

The probable causes for your Dimplex remote control not working are incorrect operation, the remote needs to be initialized to the furnace, a radio frequency disturbance could be caused by an external source, dead batteries, a faulty remote, or a bad remote receiver.


Determine which of the factors applies to your situation. One by one, eliminate the reasons. It’s simple to read the user’s manual to verify whether you’re using the remote correctly, replace batteries, and see if there’s anything else producing radio frequency interference.

If your Dimplex electric fireplace is brand new, the most likely reason for your furnace remote not working is that you haven’t yet initialized it to the fireplace. So, initialize the transmitter to your furnace.

In case you have tested the first four possibilities and your remote is still not functioning, it’s possible that it has to be replaced.

If the problem persists after testing with a new remote, you’ll need to replace the remote receiver.

9. Thermostat Problems

Thermostat problems can come up in some ways when you are running your Dimplex electric fireplace for a while.

Blank LCD screen, hot thermostat housing, blinking LCD pane, and being unable to set temperature are some common issues that happen with thermostats. 


A blank screen means that your thermostat isn’t getting power. Check to see that the circuit breaker is not tripped, the heater is on, and the thermostat is installed correctly. 

There is nothing you can do to fix a hot thermostat. In fact, it is quite normal. As long as you don’t have a flammable object close to it, you will be fine. 

If your thermostat LCD is blinking, let it rest for about 20 seconds. It should stop and display temperature setting options as usual.

If you can’t set the desired temperature, you may be choosing a temperature out of your fireplace’s range, which is 5-35° C.


Is there a reset button on an electric fireplace?

That depends on the model and brand. However, most modern fireplaces have a reset button. Check the manual to see if your fireplace has one.

Can you repair an electric fireplace outside of a warranty?

Branded electric fireplaces, such as those that Stylish Fireplaces carries, can definitely be fixed after the guarantee has expired.  The better brands offer replacement parts so that fireplaces can be fixed long after the warranty has run out.

Why does my Dimplex Opti Myst fire keep cutting out?

It could be the following:

  • Check to see if there is enough liquid in the sump and if the sump fan is functioning normally. 
  • Verify that the fan filter is placed appropriately and that the transducer is properly located in the sump.

Can you replace the bulb in an electric fireplace?

Yes, and it is very simple as well. You don’t need to be an expert electrician for this one. Just get the replacement bulbs and a screwdriver. You will be good to go.

How do you lock and unlock a Dimplex heater?

Press and hold the Enter and Back buttons simultaneously to lock the controls.  You’ll see Child Lock appear. Repeat the same thing when you wish to unlock the heater by disabling Child Lock.


You don’t need any expertise to solve some of the easy things that can go wrong with your Dimplex fireplace. But replacing heater parts can be complex.

Well, we don’t recommend you go for it yourself if you don’t have experience with electric fireplaces. To be on the safe side, hire a professional instead.

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  1. Fan runs at one speed- LOW
    Is there a way to increase blower speed. At this speed there is only warmth within 6” – 9” of box.
    Help please

    • Hi Michael

      Have you cleaned the blower? If not, clean it & make sure all the wiring connections are in good condition.

      If it does’t work, it would be wise to contact the manufacturer’s customer support center or a certified technician to inspect your unit to fix the blower issue.

      Best of luck!


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