Mr Heater Buddy Problems [11 Easy Fixes]

The common Mr Heater Buddy problems that users face are:

  • The heater keeps going out.
  • The igniter doesn’t produce a spark.
  • The pilot won’t light or stay lit.
  • The burner doesn’t ignite
  • The control knob won’t turn

Apart from the above issues, the burner backfiring, the heater smelling like gas, delayed ignition, abnormal noise, and the heater not getting propane from the tank also bother the users. 

However, go on reading our Mr Heater troubleshooting guide and these issues by yourself.

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Mr Heater Buddy Problems [11 Easy Fixes]

In this section, we will take an in-depth look at the possible causes of common  Mr. Heater problems and explore their simple solutions.

1. Heater Keeps Shutting Off

It can be frustrating to light up your heater and see it going out again and again. The following reasons can be why your Mr. Heater Buddy keeps shutting off

  • Clogged pilot
  • Inadequate fresh air to burn.
  • Tripped tip-over safety switch
  • The regulator is faulty
  • Internal contamination is possible


Clean up your pilot assembly to ensure that there is no debris or dirt stuck on it preventing the burners from igniting.

To ensure that your heater is getting enough combustible air, move it to a more open space so airflow isn’t obstructed. Provide a minimum of 9 square inches of opening. 

You need to relight the heater when the tip-over safety device has been activated. Ensure that your heater is placed on a flat and sturdy surface.

You need to replace the regulator if it is faulty. For internal contamination, replace the control valve as well as the regulator. 

2. No Spark

When your Mr. Heater buddy won’t ignite due to a lack of spark from the spark electrode, the following issues may be applicable to your heater.

  • Damaged spark electrode
  • The igniter wire must not be connected to the spark electrode or the ground wire must not be connected to the frame.
  • The igniter wire has been damaged.
  • The piezo igniter is faulty.


In case your spark electrode is malfunctioning, you need to replace the Oxygen Depletion Sensor of your Mr. Heater. Ensure that the igniter wire is connected to the spark electrode and that the ground wire is connected to the frame. 

Check on the igniter wire for any signs of damage. If it is cracked in any place, remove it. The last possibility is a faulty igniter. Replace the ignite if needed. 

3. Pilot Won’t Light

Your Mr. Heater Buddy pilot won’t light up? Here are the possible reasons why this could happen:

  • There is no gas available for the heater.
  • The location of “PILOT” is not properly aligned.
  • The pilot is obstructed by foreign objects.
  • Malfunctioning pilot assembly


If your Mr. Heater Buddy will not light, the first thing to check is the fuel tank. Ensure that the tank has enough propane and it is being supplied to the heater.

Check the fuel hose for clogs. To light the pilot, the gas control knob has to be in the ‘PILOT’ position then pressed in. 

Now, in case everything has checked out okay, ensure that your pilot assembly is clean. To clean your pilot, turn off the fuel supply. Take out the pilot assembly from the gas control module. 

With a compressed air can, blow onto the tube to remove loose dirt. With a pin, clean out any grime or soot on the pilot. Wipe the pilot assembly with a dry cloth. Restart your heater. In case the pilot still won’t light, replace the pilot assembly.

4. Pilot Won’t Stay Lit

Another common problem is that your Mr. Heater Buddy won’t stay lit. As soon as you release the control knob, you may find that the pilot light goes out. This can happen because of the following issues.

  • Incorrectly lit pilot 
  • The thermocouple is not surrounded by the pilot flame
  • The pilot assembly is faulty
  • The wiring connection on the tip switch has been disconnected


Make sure the control knob is fully depressed and kept in the “PILOT” position long enough to expel air from the lines.

Ensure that the thermocouple is positioned correctly. Try cleaning the pilot assembly. Check on the trip switch wire to verify that they are connected.

If you have tried all of the things above, you most likely have a bad pilot assembly that needs to be replaced.

5. Burner Doesn’t Ignite

The common reasons behind your Mr. Heater Buddy’s burner not igniting are a clogged burner, insufficient gas supply, or a faulty thermocouple.


Check on the propane tank to see that there is adequate fuel. Clean the burner orifice. Here’s how.

Remove the burner assembly from its housing. Examine the interior of the burner housing for dust, lint, or spider webs. Clean the internal housing with a vacuum cleaner or apply air pressure if necessary. 

Inspect and clean the orifice on the main burner. Two screws secure the orifice holder to the burner assembly venturi. By using a vacuum or applying air pressure through the openings in the pilot, inspect and clean the pilot attached to the bracket. 

To remove dust, lint, or spider webs, apply air pressure (maximum. 30 psi) to the ceramic tile of the burner assembly and the venturi tube.

Restore everything in its original position. Clean the heater exterior with a damp cloth. Replace the thermocouple if the burner is still not lit.

6. Delayed Ignition

Delayed ignition means that after the pilot has been lit, the burner lights up later than it should.

This can be a serious issue as the gas released gets time to accumulate and when it is finally lit, great pressure is exerted on the heater parts.

Not only will your unit be damaged as a result, but also an accident may occur. The possible causes behind this issue are-

  • Low manifold pressure
  • Clogged burner orifice


In case your heater runs on natural gas, contact your local gas company. For propane tanks, check the gas regulator at supply.

After ensuring that the manifold pressure is appropriate, you need to check on your burner orifice to see if it needs cleaning. You may need to replace the entire burner orifice in case the issue persists after cleaning. 

7. Backfiring

When the burner backfires when your Mr. Heater Buddy is operating, it can be a scary situation. You need to act fast. The following can be what is causing your heater to backfire.

  • Clogged or damaged burner orifice
  • Damaged burner
  • Defective gas regulator


First, you need to clean up the burner orifice and check whether the issue is resolved. Otherwise, replace the burner orifice. Inspect your burner for damage and replace it if necessary. You may also need to replace the gas regulator.

After trying all these, if the issue persists, you need to contact a licensed professional to help you with this.

8. Heater Smells Like Gas

In case your Mr. Buddy Heater smells like gas, the following things can be causing it-

  • A gas leak
  • Debris between the control valve and burner
  • Defective control valve


You need to immediately pressure test all the gas connections of your heater to rule out the possibility of a gas leak. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Confirm that the heater supply piping system is connected and that it has been leak-tested as directed above. Ensure that the heater’s control knob is turned off.

Step 2: Turn on the equipment’s shutdown valve. Turn on the propane or LP supply valve.

Step 3: Inspect all connections between the equipment shutoff valve and the control valve. Gas joints should be cleaned with a mixture of liquid soap and water. If you see bubbles forming, it means there is a leak.

Step 4: Repair all leaks at the same time. Light up your heater. Then, turn it back off. Replace the lower front panel.

In case a gas leak isn’t the issue, you need to take apart the gas tubing and remove any foreign matter between the control valve and burner. You may need to replace the control valve.

9. Knob Won’t Turn

Sometimes, Mr heater’s knob won’t turn in more than one direction or it is stuck in one position. In any case, the solution is relatively basic.


Pry a flathead screwdriver underneath your control knob. Pull the control knob off. Apply silicone lubricant or WD40 on the control knob stem.

Spread the lubricant as much as possible. Replace the knob and turn it in all directions to ensure smooth operation. 

10. Heater Making Noise

One of the common problems with Mr. Buddy Heater includes heaters making noise. In case your heater produces a whistling noise when the burner is lit, the following things may be at fault.

  • Control knob in HI position when the burner is cold
  • Air in the gas line
  • Air passageways on heater blocked
  •  Dirty or partially clogged burner orifice


Mr. Heater Buddy making noise can be solved in the following way:

You should turn the control knob to the LO position and let the burner warm up before turning the knob to the HI position.

If you have air in the gas line, you need to keep the burners running till all the air has let out of the system. Has your gas line been checked by your local gas company if there is still air in the system?

You need to ensure proper placement of the heater to have good ventilation. The heater should be placed in the coldest section of the room.

Ensure that the heater is located where you can easily access the heater for operation, inspection, and service. The heater should be placed in the coldest section of the room.

If the issue persists, clean up the burner orifice. You may need to even replace the orifice.

11. Heater Not Getting Enough Fuel

Mr. Heater’s buddy not getting propane adequately can be caused by a loose hose attachment or a loose screw-on valve. 


Examine the hose connection to the gas cylinder. Some propane tanks contain safety mechanisms that prevent gas from escaping unless the hose connection is tightened against the gas release mechanism. Make sure the screw-on valve is tightened as well.


Why is my propane heater whistling?

This sound is normally only heard when gas is being supplied to a furnace or pilot light, but it can also be heard when gas is leaking from a joint, seam, or hole. 

Can you light a Mr Buddy heater with a lighter?

Yes. To use a stick lighter to light the Buddy Heater, just turn the control knob to the PILOT position. Press down on the valve button, and ignite the pilot.

Why does my electric heater keep going on and off?

If the electric space heater does not receive enough electrical power to convert into heat, it will turn off and on. A defective power socket is frequently to blame. 

Can you Ohm a flame sensor?

Yes. You can do this by turning off the furnace and measuring the resistance between the burner assembly and neutral with an ohmmeter. You should only get a reading of a few Ohms. The lower the ohm measurement, the better grounded it is.

What happens when the flame sensor goes bad?

A dirty or faulty flame sensor causes your heater to shut down as the flame sensor fails to detect the flame. When a furnace is shut down three times, it goes into a safety ignition lockout.


Hopefully, you will now be able to resolve all the common Mr. Heater Buddy problems. If you have any questions regarding an issue with your Mr. Heater, you can share them with us in the comments. We will try our best to help you out.  

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