Why MR Heater Buddy Not Getting Propane [5+ Easy Solutions]

Your MR heater buddy not getting propane means propane is not flowing through the system. Therefore, your heater’s burner won’t light up or the pilot won’t stay lit.

However, several factors hinder the gas flow to your heater, like the empty gas canister, inadequate gas pressure, dirty pilot tube, etc.

mr heater buddy not getting propane

Also, the clogged gas regulator and blockage in the gas flow restrictor valve are equally responsible for this hitch. 

Anyway, understanding what factors cause all these above problems is obviously vital. Therefore, in this troubleshooting guide, we will break down the details of all those reasons and resolve ways. Let’s begin…

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MR Heater Buddy Not Getting Propane [Solved]

Below we will explain what factors are hindering the propane from going into your heater and how you can fix them. Hope it will help you!

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1. Empty Propane Tank

You hit your heater’s pilot button and saw the spark, but the pilot didn’t light. Did the pilot issue puzzle your brain? Relax.

empty propane tank

It seems like your heater is not getting fuel or gas. In this situation, first, you need to check whether the gas is on or not.

When the gas supply line is on, but your heater is not getting propane, a potential reason can be the empty fuel tank.

Thus whenever your heater fails to get the gas first, start by checking the level of propane in the gas canister.

In case you find the propane runs out, you must immediately install a new propane tank or fill the propane tank. And then ensure an adequate gas supply.

install a Mr heater buddy new propane tank

After installing a new propane tank, for 30-60 seconds, you need to hold down the red start valve. Holding down this valve will allow the gas supply to reach your heater’s pilot tube.

2. Too Low Gas Pressure

You changed the propane tank, and now there is sufficient gas in it. But still, your heater will not get the propane if the gas pressure is inadequate or low.

Mr heater buddy low gas pressure

Due to low gas pressure, a tiny bit of propane will go to your heater, which is insufficient to light the pilot.

Also, this insufficient gas pressure results in a very tiny flame. And it disappears quickly into the pilot light tube.

Dirt or dust build-up in the gas regulator or malfunctioning regulator is mainly responsible for low gas pressure.

However, to fix this trouble, you must check the gas regulator and remove the dirt in it. Also, replace the bad one and ensure sufficient gas pressure and high propane flow to your heater.

3. Blocked Pilot Tube

After changing the propane tank and ensuring correct gas pressure, is your heater’s pilot still not lighting?

blocked pilot tube

If so, that means it is not getting propane yet. Now proceed to figure out whether the ignition assembly’s crucial part, like the pilot tube working or not.

Your MR heater’s pilot tube is a narrow tube. Therefore, little dirt gets trapped in it from time to time. Or a spider can make a web within this area which prevents the easy functioning of this device.

Also, the damaged or bent pilot tube can’t function as well. Whether the pilot tube is blocked or not, to check this properly, look at your heater’s pilot flame.

Close to the control knob, you will get a small viewing window through it, check the pilot flame. 

Flickering or yellowish flame means the pilot tube is dirty. And it is hindering propane from getting into your heater.

If you see no flame due to no gas supply in your heater, even then we recommend you to check the tube. 

However, in the case of a dirty tube, the quick solution is to clean the pilot tube. After checking or during cleaning, if you find the tube has become damaged, we recommend you replace it.

Otherwise, you must go through the same hitch frequently due to this faulty tube.

How To Clean MR Heater Pilot Tube

To ensure flawless propane supply to your MR heater, you must clean the pilot tube’s dirt. So, start the cleaning process by switching off your heater’s gas valve.

clean MR heater pilot tube

During dealing with the gas valve must follow the safety precautions. Then follow the other simple steps below:

  • From your heater’s gas control module, unscrew the pilot tube
  • Now remove the tube’s dirt by blowing compressed air into it
  • Then using the needle dislodges the pilot tube’s soot or dirt
  • After that, wipe the pilot tube’s exterior
  • Now turn on the gas. But before that, reassemble your MR heater.

Note: While cleaning the tube, don’t put excessive pressure. Otherwise, it can be damaged.

4. Clogged Gas Regulator

Even after cleaning the pilot tube, still, your heater is not lighting? This means propane is not flowing to your heater. Then the culprit can be a clogged gas regulator.

clogged gas regulator

A built-in propane gas regulator is available in your MR heater. This device controls the gas flow from the propane cylinder to your MR heater.

When this regulator becomes clogged due to rusting or dirt build-up, its overall efficiency becomes reduced.

In this case, the regulator won’t allow huge gas to flow to your heater or limit the gas supply. Thus, a sufficient amount of propane fails to get into your heater.

Before it’s too late, we recommend you check and clean the gas regulator. After cleaning it, reset the regulator.

If resetting doesn’t work, that means the regulator becomes defective, and you must replace it. 

Otherwise, the malfunctioning gas regulator can block the gas flow permanently from the propane tank to the burners.  

5. Clogged Gas Flow Restrictor Valve

The gas flow restrictor valve is a small valve and it’s located just before the pilot light. This valve controls your heater’s gas flow pressure. For your propane gas heater, you need to set this valve correctly. 

clogged gas flow restrictor valve

Otherwise, the incorrect setting will lower the gas flow, and your heater will not get propane. Just like your heater’s all other parts, this restrictor valve can become clogged up due to dirt or debris accumulation in it.

So, the simple solution to this hitch is to clean the gas restrictor valve’s blockage. Before starting the cleaning, for safety purposes, we recommend you switch off your MR heater’s fuel flow. Then go ahead and remove the valve carefully.

Now either using the needle/pin or the compressed air, you can clean the valve. During cleaning, visibly check for damage in the valve. In case the valve becomes defective, it’s better to replace it.


Why does the Big Buddy heater keep shutting off?

Your Big Buddy heater keeps going out due to a dirty or broken pilot tube, faulty thermocouple, bad thermopile, etc. Also, other causes are empty gas tanks, drip loops, low gas pressure, etc.

Why does my MR heater make a whistling noise?

The gas flows in your MR. heater causing its whistling noise. And it’s normal. So you don’t need to worry when you hear such noise from your heater. And it will disappear after a few minutes.

How long will an MR heater run on a 20 IB tank?

In about 35-40 hours, your MR heater will burn a 20 IB full tank completely when the unit runs continuously.

Final Thoughts

After going through the above comprehensive guide, hopefully, you get a clear insight into why your MR heater buddy not getting propane. So, if you encounter your heater won’t light or doesn’t get the propane, first detect which factor is causing it and then fix it.

Comment and let us know whether you successfully solved your MR heater’s propane issue or not. If not, we are here to help you!

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