Master Heater Troubleshooting [7 Easy Fixes]

The main issues that lead people to Master heater troubleshooting are it won’t stay lit, it won’t ignite, doesn’t turn on, the fan won’t operate, failed thermostat switch, not fire, and poor combustion.

master heater troubleshooting

Keep reading this article to find out more about these problems in detail for troubleshooting a Master heater the correct way. Let’s dive in!

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Master Heater Troubleshooting [7 Easy Fixes]

This master heater troubleshooting guide will be easy to follow as there’s nothing too complicated about these heaters and even the average Joe can keep up with it and fix the issues.

Let’s take a look at the most common issues with a master heater:

1. Master Heater Won’t Stay Lit

When the heater ignites but the main PCB shuts off, the heater won’t stay lit. The LED displays the E1 error code along with a flickering lamp when it happens.

If your Master heater displays an E1 code, here are the most common reasons behind this problem:

  • The pump pressure is not right.
  • Dirty air intake filter.
  • Dirty fuel filter or dirty Nozzle.
  • The photocell is either dirty or not installed properly.
  • The improper connection between the PCB and photocell.


To solve the problem easily, first set the correct pump pressure using a pressure gauge.

master heater pump pressure adjustment

Then, wash or replace the dirty air inlet filter. Also, make sure the fuel filter & the nozzle are clean. You can also replace them.

Clean the photocell and adjust it to the correct position. Plus, check the wiring diagram on your owner’s manual and make sure that the connection between the photocell and the main PCB is correct.

2. Master Heater Not Igniting

It can happen when the motor doesn’t function properly or only runs for a short period. In this case, the LED light will also display the E1 error code. Here are the potential causes behind this problem:

  • Wrong air pressure.
  • The spark plug is corroded.
  • There is moisture in the fuel tank.
  • The ignitor wire is not connected to the spark plug.
  • The ignitor has gone bad.


Here is the right solution for each of the problems:

  • Adjust the air pressure to the correct pressure for your heater.
  • Clean or replace the spark plug.
  • Rinse the fuel tank with K1 kerosene.
  • Attach the ignitor wire to the spark plug.
  • Replace the faulty ignitor.

3. Master Heater Doesn’t Turn On

If you find your master heater not working or not turning on, here are the likely reasons behind it:

  • The heater isn’t getting power.
  • An overheated temperature limit sensor.
  • Blown fuse.
  • The connection between the circuit board and the temperature limit sensor is broken.


Get your heater to turn on by trying these steps:

  • Test the electrical outlets and power cable of the heater to make sure that the heater is getting power.
  • Allow the heater to cool for a few minutes and restart it.
  • Replace the fuse if it’s blown.
  • Check the Master heater parts and wiring diagram in your owner’s manual and fix the connection if it’s broken.

4. Master Heater Fan Won’t Operate

The main reasons why the fan won’t operate are when the temperature set in the thermostat is too low or the connection between the PCB and the motor is broken.


Adjust the temperature in the thermostat and crank it up to a higher setting. If that doesn’t solve the issue, check the wiring diagram and make sure that the connection between PCB and the motor is intact.

5. Master Heater Failed Thermostat Switch

The Master heater error codes are in place so that you can quickly identify the problem. When the heater doesn’t operate because of a failed thermostat switch, the LED light displays an E3 error code.


Replace the thermostat switch with a new one and that’ll solve your problem. It’s easy to replace it and you can do it on your own.

6. Master Heater Not Firing

When the heater doesn’t fire, the LED light displays the E4 error code. The main reasons behind the master heater not firing are a dirty nozzle and a clogged photocell.

master heater photocell

Also, if there’s no more fuel in the heater, the E4 error code can be displayed.


Follow these solutions to solve the problem:

  • Check the fuel level and fill it with fresh kerosene if it’s low.
  • Clean or replace the dirty nozzle.
  • Clean or replace the clogged photocell.

7. Master Heater Poor Combustion

These are the potential causes behind poor combustion in your Master Heater:

  • Clogged input, output, or lint filter.
  • The fuel filter is dirty.
  • The quality of fuel is poor.
  • Too low or too high oil pressure.


You can solve this problem by:

  • Cleaning or replacing the input, output, or lint filter.
  • Replace the fuel filter.
  • Drain the fuel tank and fill it with fresh fuel.
  • Adjust the pressure to the correct one.

You can watch the video on how to replace the fuel filter of your heater.

How To Maintain Master Kerosene Heater?

The Master kerosene heater troubleshooting guide above will help you solve your problems when you face them. But the proper maintenance of your heater can protect you from facing any problem in the first place.

Before you go ahead with the maintenance tips, read the owner’s manual and get yourself acquainted with your heater so that you can maintain it better.

Remember that you shouldn’t do any maintenance work on the heater when it’s running hot. Only use the types of fuel that are compatible with your heater.

Follow these tips at the start of each heating season to get the maximum performance from your heater:

  • Clean the fan blades free of debris and cobwebs.
  • Use a light cloth to clean the fan blades and make sure that you don’t bend them.
  • Pull the photocell out of its meant and check if it’s clean.
  • Clean it if it has dirt inside it.
  • You can dip a cotton swab in alcohol and use it to clean the photocell.
  • Clean the nozzle as a dirty nozzle can lead to ignition issues.
  • Remove the nozzle from the burner head and blow compressed air to clean it.
  • Soak the nozzle in K1 kerosene to loosen the dust particles.
  • Make sure the fuel filter is clean at the start of the heating season.
  • Always use the heater at the correct air pressure.
  • You can adjust the pressure by adjusting the pump screw at the back of the heater.
  • Turn it to the right to increase the air pressure and to the left to decrease it.
  • Flush the fuel tank at the end of the heating season.
  • Use kerosene only to flush the fuel tank.
  • Replace or wash the air intake filter after every 500 hours of operation.

Those were the most useful tips to maintain your heater. Following all of them can be a little difficult for you as there’s a lot to do.

But doing that will make sure that your heater stays in top-notch condition in the long run.


How to restart the Master kerosene heater?

Move the power switch to the “Off” position and unplug the heater. Wait for at least ten seconds and ignite it again to restart the heater.

What to do if smoke comes out from my Master Heater?

A dirty nozzle and the lack of pressure are the most common reasons behind smoke coming out of the heater. Clean the nozzle and increase the pressure to solve this issue.

Can I use old kerosene in Master Heater?

Storing kerosene for use in the next season is never a good idea as it breaks down with time. You can damage your heater if you use old kerosene in your heater.

Why does black smoke come out of my Master Heater?

Black smoke can come out from the heater if the air pressure is too high. Check the pressure with a gauge and adjust it to the correct level to get your heater back to normal.


Now you know how you can do Master heater troubleshooting effectively and fix the root cause of the problems that you’re facing. You can save yourself from Master heater repair work by maintaining it well.

We hope this guide has helped you fix the issues that you were facing and get your Master heater back to normal operating condition. Drop a comment below if you’re facing any Master heaters problems.

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    Pulled three hoses and mouth blew air through the hoses from air motor to tank, and pulled hoses from nozzle at burner and did same. No fuel restriction.

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