How To Protect Fireplace Mantel From Heat [5 Easy Ways]

The fireplace mantel can easily get damaged by the constant use of the fireplace. If you want to know how to protect the fireplace mantel from heat, there are many ways you can go about it.

how to protect fireplace mantel from heat

The main ways to protect your fireplace mantel from being overheated and damaged are using a heat deflector, mantel shield, a metal hood, heat resistant mantel, and switching to an electrical fireplace.

Keep reading this guide to find out more about these methods in detail and learn how you can execute each of them. We’ll also discuss how you can protect your TV from the fireplace and how to maintain your fireplace properly.

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How To Protect Fireplace Mantel From Heat [5 Easy Ways]

If you’re wondering how to protect my fireplace mantel from heat, you’ll find the answer in this section. Here are the most common methods to protect your mantel from heat:

Method 1 – Using A Heat Deflector

You don’t have to wonder how to protect the wood mantel from fireplace heat if you have a heat deflector. It’s a great tool to prevent your fireplace mantel from being overheated. Make sure the heat deflector you get matches the color of your fireplace.

Attach the heat deflector between the fireplace and the metal such that it’s bent at a 45-degree angle. That’ll deflect some of the heat away from your fireplace mantel and divert it elsewhere. It’s also a great tool to protect your TV and other equipment you keep above the fireplace mantel.

You can buy good-quality heat deflectors for as little as $20. Make sure the heat deflector you’re getting is made of wood. Wooden materials are great insulators of heat and they’ll do a great job at protecting your mantel.

Method 2 – Using A Mantel Shield

There are mantel shields available in the market which you can use to protect your fireplace mantel from being overrated and discolored. If you’re wondering how do you protect a fireplace mantel from heat, a mantel shield is a great tool for this purpose.

When you’re getting a mantel shield, make sure the one you’re getting is in compliance with your local and national codes. Installing a mantel shield on top of the fireplace is easy.

mantel shield

Take the measurement of the mantel and cut the shield towards that size. Peel off the adhesive portion of the mantel shield and stick it to the fireplace mantel. Your mantel will be protected now from extreme levels of heat.

Here are some pointers to help you pick a good mantel shield:

  • The mantel shield you’re getting should have a good installation guide.
  • It should be easy to cut and install.
  • Ideally, it should be black or white in color so that it can match your home decor.

Method 3 – Using A Metal Hood

A metal hood is a tool that’s easy to find and it’ll save you from thinking about how to protect wood mantel from heat.

They’re much easier to find than heat deflectors. They not only do a great job at protecting your fireplace mantel but they’re also a great way to get more heat from your gas fireplace.

If you use an extended hood that sticks out of your fireplace, it’ll transfer more heat in your direction and keep you warm.

Most of the metal hoods that are commonly available are between 24 to 48 inches and you can attach them to the firebox or above the fireplace brick.

Method 4 – Using A Heat Resistant Mantel

Your mantel won’t need to be protected by anything else if it’s capable of protecting itself. And with a mantel that’s heat resistant, you’ll get just that. A mantel like that can deflect the heat or absorb it and keep itself safe.

These types of mantels are normally made with non-combustible materials like steel or concrete shelves that have the ability to handle heat.

There are also non-combustible wooden mantels available in the market. The only downside to them is that they’re expensive but they’ll save you money in the long run.

Method 5 – Switch To An Electrical Fireplace

A gas or wooden fireplace will emit fumes that can harm your fireplace mantel. But if you can make the switch to an electrical fireplace, there’ll be no emissions and all your belongings including your mantel will be safe.

electrical fireplace

Even when you’re using a electrical fireplace where the chances of danger are minimal, you should always practice safety. Don’t keep any combustible materials like a piece of cloth close to the fireplace as that is a potential fire hazard. Electrical fireplaces also look cooler.

How To Protect Your TV From Fireplace

Many people place their TV on top of the fireplace mantel as there’s a lot of free space in that area.

Protecting the mantel using the methods we talked about will automatically keep the TV safe. But an additional step you can take to protect your TV from the fireplace is to close the doors of your fireplace.

There are many fireplaces that come with metal or glass doors. These doors are capable of covering the heat. A fireplace with such doors can come in handy if you have pets and you want to keep them from accidentally going in there.

No heat will be able to escape your fireplace if you use a fireplace that has strong metal or glass doors. If your fireplace doesn’t have doors, you can always install these doors to protect the area around it.

How To Maintain Your Fireplace

Following some basic rules can improve the health of your fireplace mantel and increase its lifespan by a long margin. Follow these maintenance tips to get the most out of your fireplace:

  • Wash the mantelpiece on a regular basis to protect it from developing stains if it’s made from stone.
  • Always use a soft scrubber instead of a wire scrubbing brush to wipe down the mantel and keep it clean.
  • Don’t leave cups or glasses on the mantel as they can stain it.
  • Paint and polish the wooden mantel to keep it attractive for a long period.


Where to place mantel over the fireplace?

The fireplace mantel should be placed at least 12 inches above the firebox. You can go a little bit higher or lower than that but it’s a good place to start.

How wide should the fireplace mantel be?

The wider the mantel, the more heat it will be able to take and keep your walls safe. Your fireplace mantel should be at least 3-4 inches bigger than your firebox on all sides. 

How far should I place the TV from the fireplace?

If you’re setting up your TV above the fireplace mantel, the TV should be at least a couple of feet away from the source of the fire. You should also place the TV at least 7-8 inches above the mantel.

Can fireplace heat harm a TV?

Yes, the heat from the fireplace can harm a TV if it’s placed too close to the fireplace. Use a mantel and a heat deflector to protect your TV from being damaged by the fireplace heat.

When does a wood stove get too hot?

The increase of airflow to a fire or a large number of wooden logs can get the wood to burn too hot. If you keep adding wooden logs to the fire, your stove will become too hot.

What is the hottest a flame can get?

When combustible gases reach their flash points and get mixed with oxygen, and carbon monoxide, the flame can reach temperatures of more than 3500 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you know when the fireplace is too hot?

If the temperature of the fireplace excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s beginning to cross the threshold of where it should normally be. Observe the temperature around the fireplace to prevent any fire hazards.

Is it okay to hang stockings over the fireplace?

Hanging stockings on the fireplace isn’t a good idea as it can easily catch on fire. If you want to hire decorative elements over the fireplace, make sure whatever you choose is heat-resistant.


When the fireplace mantel gets overheated it loses its color and it can also cause a fire in your home. We hope that by now, you know how to protect the fireplace mantel from heat after completing this guide.

Whether you go for easier options like using hoods, deflectors, and shields to protect your mantel or you go an expensive route like choosing a heat-resistant mantel or switching to an electrical fireplace is up to you.

Use the method that makes the most sense to you based on your personal preference. Leave a comment below if you have any more questions about fireplace mantels.

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