How To Deal With Pentair Heater Error Code R14 [Solved]

The Pentair heater error code R14 isn’t actually an error code. It is the code that pops up on your heater when it gets into revision mode. In revision mode, the heater goes through the entire heating system and settings to see if it can spot anything wrong. 

Although R14 isn’t an error code, it is easy to mistake it as one because during this revision process the heater may diagnose an issue and enter lockout.

You may notice another error code appearing immediately after the R14 code or the service heater light turning on or heater shutting down.

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What To Do When Pentair Heater Error Code R14 Appears On Display?

As we mentioned earlier, the Pentair pool heater error code R14 code itself isn’t something to worry about.

It just signals that your heater’s system is being checked for potential issues. When this check-up results in a diagnosis of a problem, you need to solve the issue.

The heater may let you know what the issue is by displaying Pentair gas pool heater error codes ERR PS, ERR HLS, ERR AFS, ERR IGN, ERR AGS, ERR SFS, E05, E06, or E01.

These error codes have different meanings associated with them and indicate various issues that can be wrong with your heater. Additionally, the service heater light may also come on.

1. Error Code ERR PS

The ERR PS error code indicates that the pressure switch is open. The appearance of this error code may follow the R14 code. When you have no water flow happening in your heater, this error occurs. 


To get rid of this error code, you need to establish adequate water flow. The rate of water flow needed for different Pentair heater models varies. Look at the chart below to find out the range that is fit for your model.

You need to inspect that the water flow isn’t blocked. There may be air in the pipes. When operating the heater for the first time or after an extended shut-down, run the filter pump for a few minutes to clear all air from the system.

You also need to clean the filters. Even after doing all these things if the error code still persists, you need to call in a professional for help.

2. Error Code ERR HLS

The error code ERR HLS shows up when the high-limit switch is open. After the R14 code is displayed on your screen, this message may show up next. The service heater light will also come on.


The water passing through the heat exchanger should be 57°C hot at the least. This temperature is needed to signal the temperature sensor.

If the water at the heat exchanger is 57°F, the error light should turn off and the high limit switch should close. Otherwise, you have a bad high-limit switch that needs to be replaced.

3. Error Code ERR AFS

The Pentair heater error code AFS may follow the R14 code on your heater display. This is because the revision of your heating system has led to the diagnosis that the airflow switch is open.

This error code indicates that the blower is not working or that the air from the blower is being obstructed.


Your blower can malfunction for several reasons. Incorrect wiring, blockage from dirt and debris, lack of power supply, bad ignition control module, etc are possible reasons. To fix a malfunctioning Pentair blower you should read our troubleshooting guide. 

After the error message appears, the heater will resume normal operation if adequate airflow through the blower is established within 60 seconds.

Otherwise, you will need to reset the heater after fixing the blower. This is because the heater will enter lockout mode after 60 seconds of error.

4. Error Code ERR IGN

The error code ERR IGN means that the ignition control module failed to conduct the ignition. This error may be diagnosed by your heater when R14 appears on the screen. You will need to solve the issue.


Many heater components can be liable for an ignition failure. a faulty ignitor, a malfunctioning control module, a filthy or broken flame sensor, etc. are some possibilities. To solve this issue, read our guide on Pentair heater ignition lockout.

5. Error Code ERR AGS

Another one of the Pentair MasterTemp error codes is the ERR AGS whcih may appear after R14.

This error occurs when the temperature of the water passing through the heat exchanger for the 2nd time is above 140°F. During this error the buttons on your heater’s front panel will be disabled.


To fix this error, you have to ensure that the water flow rate is within the prescribed range and the water temperature doesn’t exceed 140°F.

6. Error Code ERR SFS

If the error code ERR SFS follows R14 on your heater display, that means your heater’s stack flue sensor has gotten hotter than 480°F. 


You need to check up on a few things to get rid of this error code. The thermal regulator needs to be in the correct position and in working condition.

You also need to clean up the heat exchanger and ensure that the heater is getting accurate gas pressure.

7. Error Code E05

Error code E05 may also appear on your heater display after R14. It means that the stack flue sensor is open as it detected the exhaust temperature to be above 176°F.

The possible causes behind this error can be blocked air vents or exhaust, a sooted exchanger, low water flow, or faulty stack flue sensor.


Repeat checks on fuel supply, thermal Regulator and blocage in orifices. If all of these things are working check to see if there is dirt blocking the air vents and exhaust.

Clean up the heat exchanger if needed. Ensure that the water flow rate is okay. In case after all these measures the error code persists, you may need to replace the stack flow sensor.


What does R13 mean on a Pentair pool heater?

The R13 code is part of the startup sequence of Pentair pool heater. It will appear on your screen when your heater is starting up. You can read more about Pentair heater R13 code in our article. 

What does the service system mean on the Pentair pool heater?

The service system light coming on your Pentair pool heater is an indication that there might be something with your pressure switch. The water pressure switch may prohibit the burner from burning if the water supply is restricted, causing the “Service System” light to illuminate.

Why does my pool heat pump keep turning off?

Low water pressure, clogged filter, low gas pressure, etc. can cause your pool heater to keep shutting off. 

Can my pool heater be fixed?

It depends on what the issue you are facing is. But most issues are fixable. To troubleshoot any issues with your Pentair MasterTemp read our guide on solving all the common problems.  

What does Flo mean by a pool heater?

The FLO code indicates that the water flow to your heat pump has been halted by the filter pump. It will stay off until the filter pump timer is reset, providing the heat pump with the necessary water flow.


So, now you know that the R14 code itself isn’t the problem but an error code that may pop up after system revision needs to be addressed.

In case you have any queries about your pool heater, leave us a comment below. We will help you out.  

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  1. Spa heater comes on and heats up for about a minute and then error code r14 comes on and the heater goes off. The spa will restart and turn off again.

    • Hi Luis

      Pentair error code R14 isn’t actually an error code. It is the code that pops up on your heater when it gets into revision mode. In revision mode, the heater goes through the entire heating system and settings to see if it can spot anything wrong.

      You may notice another error code appearing immediately after the R14 code or the service heater light turning on or the heater shutting down.

      Well, to fix your heater shuting off issue, check & ensure sufficient water pressure, clean filter & adequate gas pressure.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

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